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Nothing but mindless waffle...

Does it ever annoy you how people make hints about your sexuality but are too chicken to come out and ask you?? I grew up with constant allusions to my sexuality, most people thought I was a lesbian. When people started calling me this I didn't even know what it was!! I immediately was on the defensive, if someone accuses you of something, and it is negative, and you are unsure at all, the first thing you do is deny it. When you figure out what it is, you have already been denying it for so long that you don't even consider the possibility of it. You convince yourself to like particular guys, but you don't understand why you don't swoon when your 'crush' looks at you, the way you see your friends do.

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My Two-Cents about Religion

"Humanity's potential is infinite and every being has a contribution to make toward a grander world. We are all in it together. We are one."

I ran across this quote while doing research for my paper on Natural Law that's due next monday. I can't help but think that if everyone believed in what that quote says, theis world would indeed be a much better place.

While this research is a pain in the ass, it's also fascinating. I've never done anything on comparative religion before, which is alot of what I've been reading...stuff by Ninian Smart, Huston Smith, Blavatsky (Theosophy), as well as Papal encyclicals and writings about ethical athiesm. What I'm going to be defending in my paper is the belief in a natural law that is the basis of all people, one that transcends religion. All religions seem to have certain things in common, and while irreconcilable differences may exist, I believe these common elements are what makes up natural law, and that they come from God, the creator, the Cosmos... whatever you want to call it.

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A little song...

A song.....I sang in my car today...and have been singing for a while..its cheesy but i like it...

Long Wayhome
by ATB

I’m kicking that stone
Down your street alone
And the walls criticise where I have gone
I’m throwing that stone
Through your open door
And the halls seem to tell me I am wrong

I’m taking the long way home
Where everything’s overgrown
Just like the boy

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Why Moving On is complicated? A discussion....

Hi Oasis- *waves*

so then if you really want to move on after some relationship (any type)that is hurting more than helping but was initiated based on the good --its an unfortunate conclusion but i dont think friendship is a possibility-- now why you ask?

another theory:
first when you met your person..you began as friends...it is what brought you close and lead to an even deeper emotional connection...so um yes friendship is the step between hate and love i think...but one cant have friendship without being so close to love and being tempted by it..i mean if you have the power and discipline to tell yourself im not going to love them..then woa youre a freak..jk

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oh, you've got blue eyes...

oh, you've got green eyes...

oh, you've got gray eyes...

and ive never seen anyone quite like you before...

no, i've never met anyone... quite like you before...

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of gods and meat

it occured to me today that alot of what be think of as a given is really wierd. like god. does anyone think theres really and old guy sitting on a cloud punishing the bad and rewarding the good? or homophobai. why of all people homosexuals why not meat eaters, or back sleepers? com4e to think of it, almost everything is like that.

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Jeeze Im so confused

man, Philly Fish is so cute, but I dont know what to think at all! sometimes he acts like I'm not there and he always talks about other boys. I havesnt asked him out yet, and I reall want to, but I dont want to ruin my chance of being his friend if he doesn't think I'm boyfriend material. man, I'm not sure if he is dropping hints anymore and if he is, he is giving up! Help! I dont know what to do!

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heh....omg wow

Today on my bus this little kid asked me and my friend wut a cunt was and we didnt wanna tell her
so we told her to go ask the bus driver as a joke...and she did!!! OMG it was funniest thing
that has happened all day. But wait, the bus driver said it was a bad word and the kid was like
"oh but wut does it mean." and the BD acually told her. I could not stop laughin to save my life.
i'm so easily ammused.

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does he like me????

So I've been out on and off for about 9 months. and I totally have a crush on this guy at school. he is gay, and I used to resent him becausehe was out and I wasn't. the only problem is that I think that he is uncomfortable around me. I feel like he is dropping hints at me, like last night he gave me a ride in his car to the pool hall, and when we got there, he let me pay for him. we were there with our friends Layne (girl) and Shawna. Phil (thats his name) pulled me to the side and said that we should play pool together and layne and Shawna would play, and we would switch off. MAn, I like him so much, and I would totally go out with him if he wanted to. I don't know if he like me or what but man!!!!!! I'm TOTALLY crushing on him aren't I?????? HELP what do I do???

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green notebooks

I JUST found this I wrote it a year ago or about. Its one of my scripted dialogs.

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hey ok so im new here, i really dont know wat to rite so yer here's my 1st entry wow, hmm im thinking of having this name as a comments name so ppl can tell me wat they feel etc. since i got nuthin to write u guys can write stuff to me or ask me qns. okay. so mwa!
luv Imme!

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Boys Don't Cry (reply to a reply)

Brandon's Mom said that Brandon was molested by her Uncle as a child and began dressing as a male as well as changing her name a few times (Tenna Ray Brandon was one alias) so that no other man could touch her. Of course, her Mother may not know for sure that this was the reason for Brandon's dressing as a male. I believe that Brandon truly was transsexual, but the molestation still could have partly been the cause of her change in appearance.

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Hey guys-
I was just wondering if you would do me the favor of reading atleast a little bit of whatever poems I posted yesterday, and maybe leaving me a comment telling me what you thought. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Please? I'll give you a dollar.

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Haunted- Evanescence, Lyrics

Haunted- Evanescence

Long lost words whisper slowly to me
Still can't find what keeps me here
When all this time I've been so hollow inside
I know you're still there

Watching me Wanting me
I can feel you pull me down
Fearing you Loving you
I won't let you pull me down

Hunting you I can smell you - Alive
Your heart pounding in my head

Watching me Wanting me
I can feel you pull me down

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Oasismag is moving to a new server

This is just a short note to let everyone know that the site will be down at certain times during the next week, due to us moving to a new webserver ( in canada.. que mountie reference).

I am just moving us for now, but I will update to a new version soon enough.. within the next month, really (i promise this time). I am just waiting for the next version of the software we run on (Drupal) to mature a bit before upgrading the site. Lots of interesting things are coming our way soon. Watch this space.

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The Issue

Sometimes I wonder I just don't have anything to do
I am one of those people as a child I scared other childern
because I could sit an just think for hours and
need no amusement or even friends and as I grow older
I see maybe I was not a very smart child. Yes I was
bright I knew I had a future and I knew even at
that age what I wanted from the world even
thought it was telling me "Grow up get a rich husband

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Labels and Queerness

I have finally found the way to descibe myself when necessary: I am a baby byke. I could throw a flaming in there: I am a flaming baby byke. I think it sounds cool. I like to be able to tell someone what I am. Maybe it has something to do with my odd levels of trust in a friendship, I dunno. So I am a baby byke.

You know, I never realized that glbtq is like a complete subculture before. I', just beginning to get the "big picture," if you will. I mean wow. I'm 16 and I've been as out as I knew how (more and more as I get older) but I had no clue./ I see, like, these Queer Dictionaries and I'm like, "How can there be a dictionary?" I had no idea. Over half the words I've learned I know I won't ever use, but still ... it's like when you're half Hispanic and half Caucasian and you speak some Spanish just to emphasize your heritage and all but you don't constantly speak Spanish around your English-speaking friends. Odd analogy, but hey it works for me.

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Waht shall my name be???

Well I want to change my hotmail name as of now but I cant think of anything
good to change it to.

I was think of like prettyandy14

or meandy14

have any ideas?


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