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Don't you just love bad jokes hehehe

My friend Jessie absolutely loves bad jokes so because of her I too developed a love of bad jokes. Here are some jokes to make you laugh and groan:
1.Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love, and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was great.
2.Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar. One says," I've lost an electron." The other says, Are you sure?" The first replies," I'm positive..."

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well folks, here i am again. i just spent a lot of time online...oh wait, i'm still online....
well, anyway, i was doing some research online for a fact to post. goddess, the gay world is depressing.
i mean, how many other minorities (don't you hate that word? i do.) have as high a death rate as we do? wow... so anyway, all i could find was depressing stuff about stonewall, and death rates (i wasn't

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promise rings

i have been with my girlfriend for almost 3 months now, do you think its too soon for a promise ring? how many of you have recieved or gave a promise ring to a significant other? her and i have discussed giving oneanother one, and im planning to give her a promise ring on our 3rd month aniversary. what your opinion? i havent bought it yet.

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Random Facts...

Okay folks. I got some great feedback from the last post, so i'm going to keep doing this. this one has a little story to go along with it.

I was riding home with my girlfriend after school, today, and we were talking about sleepovers. now, for those of you who are out to your parents, you probably know that sleepover's are taboo. well, this is for those of you who aren't out to the 'rents, but who do have a g/bfriend.

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I'm special, not different

hey folks! what's happening? i'm (for once) in a good mood. i was just thinking. isn't this such a great place? i mean, how many other gay people do you know? other than your b/g friend? it really shows a lot about our culture. the gay culture, that is. we always find ways to communicate to eachother. whether it's pinky rings, or a rainbow pin, we always seem to know. i find it really amazing how well we can adapt. if it's not safe to be out somewhere, we aren't. i think that we have a great advantage over straights: we have the choice of who to tell. yeah, there is the assumption, but we do have that power. isn't that increadible? i think so... so all of you who are out there (pun intended), think about this. you have power. you are special. you don't have to stick out, but someone always knows about you. and in today's world, we are working to make it better for everyone

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Garbage- Temptation Waits Lyrics

I'll tell you something
I am a wolf but
I like to wear sheep's clothing

I am a bonfire
I am a vampire
I'm waiting for my moment

You come on like a drug
I just can't get enough
I'm like an addict coming at you for a little more
And there's so much at stake
I can't afford to waste
I never needed anybody like this before

I'll tell you something
I am a demon
Some say my biggest weakness

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why does life have to be so hard? why do we have to deal with love, and life, and loss. i can't loose
her, i can't. i know it sounds strange, but i can't. i depend on her too much. just to keep me in
school. everything is for her. she doesn't know it, but it is. every breath i take, i'm wishing
i was taking it with her. i don't get it... we call it love, but what is it? i want to protect her,

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i haven't been on forever...

hey folks. i'm back. bright, cheerful me. sorry i haven't been on for so long. i've been busy,
and my dad found out about this, and he didn't want me on, but now it's better. wow. i'm doing okay,
still a bit depressed, but other than that, i'm pretty good. not much else to say.


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break up

you what sucks? marraige. once you have kids. my parents are breaking up after more than 27 years of marriage. i am big kid. i am mature enough. but you know what.

it sucks man. i always thought they were the right people doing the right
thing. nah. you what dad has been a fantastic dad. but he is not good husband. he never was.
we was never supposed to be. but i have learnt many things from him.

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"un-love" again

you know something. i am pretty lucky with females. i am going around with a
really ncie chick. i always have. its not a problem. the problem is i never manage to
stick around with anyone. you know it bores me death after some time.

i never manage to stay interested in any female for long. and then after
a month it starts. the sobing and the weeping. its painful really.

i miss the spark you know. and the problem lies with me. i never manage to

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This is my first post on this site...even as a whole.

I just wonder if there are truly any older people on here. Everyone I see who posts a forum topic or a journal entry seems young...well by their typing. Not being critical, just curious. This is a highly interesting site and I really appreciate the news aggregator.

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Oasis!!...Let Me Know...

I'm scared of people like you,
but i'm not scared of you

i would like to know what this means to people.
i thought of it one day in the shower. it sounded
so right to my situation with me ex. but not knowing
the "ex" thing, what do YOU think (oasis members)?
when i get a few opinions i'll let ya'll know what it
means to me.

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there if you need me...

I've realized lately, reading everyones entries, how familiar everyone's problems seem. From people wondering if they might be gay, with out knowing what to do about it, to doubts about comming out to friends or family, or relationship problems, or drugs or cutting. And I have also realized how much I have overcome personally.
Since I started posting here over 2 years ago, I have come out to my friends and mom and brother. I have also had several crushes on straight girls, including the obligatory best friend that every gay teen seems to have to get over. I have dealt with, and am still struggling to live with depression. Ive been addicted to drugs and cut. I have also had my first girlfriend and lost my virginity with a guy. Ive had great things happen to me, and found reasons to be happy. I've found reasons to keep living.
my journal could be a lesson in how NOT to live between the ages of 19-21. it could be a lesson in how to screw your self over as horribly as possible... and survive to do it again. And it could be a lesson in how to enjoy the small things (like DDR and coffee) and find reasons to keep going.
Most importantly, reading everyones entries lately has led me to realize how much of the stuff people are posting about now are the same things Ive posted about before. Your tragedys today have become little bumps in my past. And i have several years and hundreds of entries of experience and advice to give.

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i do not know why it never occured to me before now, but im a memeber of a gay/les/bi book club via mail and internet. it has some awesome books on tons of stuff, like coming out and abuse and such. it also has novels, (gay novels!!!) and movies and music and stuff. maybe not music, not yet anyway. not sure. but i know others would like it too. it has some stuff that is just plain fiction from everywhere as well. a lot of popular titles and authors. anyway it is costly, but they usually have a lot of deals. its called ISO. which stands for InSightOut Books. you can go to insightoutbooks.com to find out more. and the best part is, if you can afford the bills, that the letters and the packages come to your house like any other club, they dont have any identifying "gayness" or such that is obvious. and i dont think theres an age limit, although im not sure, i first joined a club via mail when i was fifteen i think. so yeah if you guys are interested there you go..

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Have you ever wondered.....

Hello Again..lol :D

no but yes..have you ever wondered if someone you know has stumbled along this site read some stuff and failed to notice it was you..or something along those crazy lines??

...isnt it a weird crazy thought...u know the world is small despite how everyone talks about how large it is and how our population is literally growing expnentially like bacteria..anyways we are all realted in some way i tell you because fundamentally we are all connected whether we like it or not...theres something weird and cosmic about everything ..things happen for a reason..you know despite the size and slim chances that there are in this world crazy shit still happenes ya know.... yeah..i was thinking...i shouldnt do that too much though cause it makes my head hurt :)

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Some people's (heterosexual) kids...I tell ya!

This past November, Oregon's Measure 36 passed, creating a constitutional ban on gay marriages. Prior to that, last year about this time, Multnomah County--which is the county that Portland is in--started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. After the passing of Measure 36, the question was whether or not those 3000+ marriage licenses that were issued were valid or not. Today, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled on that:

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So i've been re-thinking how Oasis works recently, and i've decided to simplify a lot of the interface, and how things work around here. It's gonna rock =) .. I'm going to be re-designing the site to better suit the new philosophy as well.

Oh. and the server move went off without a hitch.

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the beauty i see in women...

this isnt a story and it isnt a journal entry or anything else. im not sure what it is but i know we dont have a label for it, thats why i put other. ive just been having these thoughts about how with all my pent up sexual energy i would suddenly make love to a woma who i was attracted to. so the following is just thoughts and such that ive been having as of late. guess i want to get it out of my system...

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i gust want to fall down and die

so tied so bored hate homework getting so frustrated,days just bleeding
together, oh well,i hate school

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song I relate to right now

I'm currently in a downward spiral. Read about it in my livejournal at:

I definitely relate to this song right now...and I've had it on repeat since Saturday.

Woo! Go Day of Silence on Wednesday! I'm not talking, and if the dean at my school gives me shit, oh well, fuck her!

"Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson

Seems like just yesterday

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