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Hate that $!^!*%! --please read and comment

Hey, does anybody else here who is out at school have this problem where people at school automatically expect you to be like the gay stereotype? I know people who are like "OMG you're the gay guy right? Tell me all about your gay lifestyle!" (No that is not a literal translation, put you get it) It's like they expect me to be totally different from them, and when they realize that I am not like someone on 'Will and Grace,' they get bored with me.

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My Goggles! Mine!

So every once in a while I wear these ski goggles with bright orange lenses around. They're not your usual big blocky goggles, no - these things are streamlined and just one badass degree away from being retro-cyberpunk. In a good way, of course. In any case, I don't wear them that often, but they can add flair to whatever I'm wearing, as long as it's appropriate. Just push them up onto my forehead and I'm good to go. Pretty straightforward, right? I mean, everyone needs a prop. And, incidentally, in the winter I actually do use them for skiing, so it's not like they're just some kind of mindless fashion accessory. Anyway. Now I can no longer wear them. This is unfortunate. This makes me unhappy. This is not a good thing.

At my school there is a creepy little subgroup of anime freaks, gamers, RPG geeks, and wannabe otaku who call themselves the Nerd Herd. I have no real problem with these people. They're irritating, and if you get too close the greasy hair and unwashed body odor gets pretty bad, but in general they're not bad people by any means. They hang out in their corner, and everyone more or less gives them their space. Recently, one of these... individuals... decided that the whole goggles-pushed-up-on-forehead thing was a good idea. Apparently he saw something really similar in some anime or video game or something, and took the step of trying to actually work with it. Normally, I'd be flattered, but this guy has basically hijacked my look. See, not only is he wearing the goggles everywhere and all of the time but they are the EXACT SAME GOGGLES. Except that his have light purple lenses while mine are orange.

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Don't you hate it?

When people just stop replying to your messages?! Seriously is it that hard to say "I don't want to be friends anymore, I've found someone better, fuck you?" NO, I didn't think so. Harsh words I know but it's better than being ignored, at least then you know that you really don't mean shit to them. I know they're probably busy with school and work and whatever else but I'm sure they'd have at least one spare minute in which they could send you a message, even it's just to say hi. I'm sure if the friendship was something they valued that they'd have no trouble finding a spare minute or two. I don't know how many of you know that song goes like this-

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2 chicks

well the other day on myspace i meet a girl. Shes funny, really blunt, lol and so much fun to talk to. We have alot in commen, like what we want to find in a girl, and what we do with our spare time. SHe lives in Ohio. Thats far from here and a 3 hour time difference. But we talk online alot. Why is it that every girl i meet online and like alot is always so far away? I think shes perfect. lol. She calles me hun. lol i love that.

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sick and tired

man, i am just getting so fed up with things. i have been pretty unhappy lately, and its not fun. i just turned 14 but feel like i have so much responsiblity. everyone depends on me for a lot fo stuff, and they think i'm like in college or something. im always worrying about what i forgot to do, or what i have to do next. i know i should just drop some activities, but everything is important to me and i dont think people would understand if I just didnt do stuff.

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my space

hey u guys i would like some more friends on my space so if u are interested here is my myspace link. *smile* http://www.myspace.com/14425125

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I talk but nobody hears me

I have had a wonderful week...not. My grandma's been in the hospital.
School is hell. And nobody listens to me. I'm in the running start program,
so I'm taking college classes while I'm supposed to be in high school.
The stress from school is driving me insane. I tried to explain that to my
dad, but he wouldn't listen to me.

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this is interesting

this is a rant, dont read if you get bored easily
so i thought my mom was ok with the idea of me and my girlfriend being together, it turns out shes more homophobic than i thought. so, she said its disrespectful for me to hold my girlfriends hand infront of her let alone kiss infront of her. well she had put "in my house" in a statement like that too.(later said that im pushing it becasue she saw me out front holding her hand) my girlfriend isnt allowed in my room, or upstairs (which is where my room is). so i respected her decision one that and i began to move on. well apparently being outside infront of the house is also. i dont understand, im not the type of person that would rebel because of it but my girl said that if her mom did that to her, she'd definitly not keep her cool as i did. also to top it off she told me that my friends are wierd... that meaning my gay out friends and told me not to hang out with one of my very flamboyent (sp?) gay guy friends. i started to defend myself but talking back is not something she doesnt tolerate. all this is coming from a person who tells all her kids that shes very understanding and considerate, and very easy to talk to. everyone of my friends say shes intimidating which is very true. so this rant can be summed up in one question...

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Wimpy GSA

My friend and I just recently started a Gay Straight Alliance at my school.
Things have gone ok so far- there was no problem getting it set up- my
school is wonderfully accepting and liberal. However, now that we've started
there seems to be absolutely nothing to do. The vast majority of people
at my school are extremely accepting and liberal- so there is really no
need to educate people about the GLBT stuff. My school is too small to have

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Today has just been one of those days where everything seemed to suck, or if it didn't suck to begin with somehow it began to suck by the time it was over. My day started at approximately 8:30am when my alarm clock went off so that I could get up and get ready for my tour (that I was giving). This sucked, obviously, because it was morning and that ment I actually had to get out of bed and do something. So after the usual routine of getting off my lofted bed (an adventure in and of itself), showering - and finally getting the whipped cream smell out of my hair, getting dressed, and eating breakfast (which was alright, but not something I would ever call good) I headed off to the Admissions office to give my tour.

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My Boyfriend/Virginity/Lost in the Void of Sexuality (again)

Hi everybody.

Today was really weird. I haven't been at school in sooo long, and being there was just... Weird. We only have three weeks left, but suddenly that seems like a really long time.

I'm kind of upset about something, and I'm not totally sure why. My boyfriend and I have been together for... I dunno, like two months or so. Things with him are fine, techinically. I don't know. I just feel kind of weird about the whole thing. Like, yeah, I like him, but... Well. The whole thing is just so altogether not a big deal. I just don't care that much, either way. I feel like I'm just sort of screwing around, waiting for something better to come along. Or like we're together by accident, or by default. Because there was nothing else to do. And what the hell is our relationship about? It's not about love. Is it about sex? WHAT'S THE POINT? WHERE IS IT GOING?

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Trivial pursuit

Okay, well I wasn’t going to write about this, I thought it would pass after a few days, that it would turn out to be one of those annoying teenage spats that everyone deals with at one point or another. But that hasn’t been the case.

My best friend (a guy) hasn’t spoken to me in about a month…I hadn’t realised how long I let it go on for until today. As far as I know I haven’t done anything to warrant being ignored, and called a bitch behind my back…at least not anything that was done to intentionally hurt him. The only thing I can think of is my strengthening friendship with a girl called Jess; perhaps he’s jealous, despite the fact that he too was becoming her friend.

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Frustation with lack of bios.

What is with people and their account pages? Almost every new member I read has no bio, no interest info, and so, I have no idea what kind of people they are, and sometimes, I don't even know if they are male of female, or how old they are! Come on people, this place is mad efor people to be honest to others the way they cannot be in their real lives, to share things they never thought they would be given the oppurtunity to.

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fed up

snl sucks now. what i mean is that the writers for snl suck now, not the actors. I LOOOOVVVVVVVE rachel dratch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV HER LUV HER LUV HER LUV HER

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alright im new to thissite and im still trying to figure out this thing. im so stupid, iive been trying figure out how to post pictures.

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It's good to be back!!

OMG!!!! I finally have my blessed computer back! YAY!! Sorry it's been so long since I've done anything but my mom decided to redecorate the living room so unplugged the computer so the new couches, lights, paints, and cabinets could come in. The new computer desk she got had to be assembled so then she called my dad(after THREE days) from his apartment to fix it and it took two days to fix it and I finally got it back like yesterday.

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Slipping Away

Is it supposed to be like this..We have been together
for almost 4 years and it seems as tough we have sunk
into this friendship slump..I want what we had when we
first got together..She thinks things are the same, but
is it because she doesnt care or that she is really
that clueless...

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I'll Call You if I Can Go Out, Okay?

Ahhh... I am so freaked out/pissed off/disoriented/sick/confused/angry/fucked... AH

Okay, so my fucking boyfriend and I planned to hang out tonight. I'm leaving for Europe on Monday so this is the last time we'd get to be together for like two and a half weeks. He said we were definately doing it on Monday, again on Wednesday, and this morning. Then, after school, I went to ask what time he'd pick me up and stuff, and he started saying something about having to go to a wake, and planning to hang out with other people. So, naturally, I said, "Wait. What?" "Well, uh. I'll call you if I can go out, okay?" And then he runs off.

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bored,nothing to do, school again tomorow,every day runs in to ever other
day becouse there all exactly the same,iwant to do something fun,like sky
diveing or something but we never do any thing like that,sailing all week
end,and last week end,i dont usually i hate wetsutes but theres nothing to

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my life as a teenage @$$hole

you know what im sick of societiy's sick way of judging people can we just live our lives as people not objects of entertainment sopposiblty im the @$$hole 4 being vocal about wat i belive although i havent told anyone about my sexuality caus i fear the publics judgment and the way they would lable me i live in a small town of shelterd but heads i just want feed back from those who feels the sam

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