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politic - many blood suckers

I haven't really commented lately bc of school related things, but I got an e-mail and decided to vent about it (lucky you!).

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a bit of ranting and some happy

I haven't actually written anything in a while, but several things have kind of been bugging me, so i figured i'd start up again.

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Be Warned: Bitching Ahead

You know those days where a bunch of little things add up to one of those days where you get home and just want to pass out until tomorrow? Today was one of those days. Therefore, I shall now proceed to bitch about it, mostly to make myself feel better.

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Why do the straight girls ask me for advice on guys??

I have straight girls for friends who know I'm gay. They know it, accept it and even enjoy the queer humor that comes with it. Yet they still turn to me for advice on guys. WTF? Is that just aprt of being a friend or do they actually believe the title of "The all knowing, all seeing, always right: Amy"?

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Anger beyond rage.

"virus alert"......
"virus alert"......
"virus alert"......
thats how my mourning went.... fighting with my computer to beat the lil' bastards. I normally run zonealarm and AVG, and I'm not speaking bad about them.... they've saved me enough times to be happy... but it only takes once.

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I Can Sing This Song So Blue...

Hey gangstas! I'm actually writing a journal entry that isn't poetry! Craziness, eh? So things have been pretty lame-tastic lately. I guess the gods have just taken a major dump in the toilet of my life. Nothing really tragic or massive has happened, but nevertheless I feel like Shit City, U.S.A. A large part of it is probably insane teenage hormones and holiday blues, but the rest of it is just a big jumble of little things that vex me like no other.

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Goat Milk?!

So, since California is taking over the role of the dairy state...(happy cows come from california)... Wisconsin is now ... are you ready?... THE GOAT MILK STATE!!!!


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Christmas. The lovely time of year when a jolly old fat man comes down your chimney and gives you the presents that you so desperately wanted.
That's what I want to believe. I want to believe in that magical realm of make-believe that anything is possible. That with just the uttering of a few simple words magic can take flight and grant us our deepest wishes. I think that deep down that's what we all want to believe.

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OMG!! I Can't Believe It!!

Well, my semester in DC is almost over. I will miss many aspects, but I need to get out of the city for a while, I have no money left, and I didn't have much to begin with (the joys of being a poor college student), and I've been beyond stressed by the damn bureaucracy and profs who have no clue. But I've met fab ppl.

I'm also pumped about the Democrats taking the majority in the House and Senate. It's been a zoo here for the last 3 months, and it will be getting even crazier in January, right before session begins in February.

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something i wrote

something i wrote after reading excerpts from "dealing" with grief books....anyone who's ever lost a loved one probably feels somewhat like this every once in a while...


people are just fucking stupid. don't try and tell me what's going on in my head, you've never been there.

Dealing with your Grief: The Loss of a Loved one and How You Feel.

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love sucks

sigh. yeah love sucks. god my ex came by my working place yesterday to pick up the money for the cell phone bill and i was thinking that she was just gonna get the money and go...but no she stuck around to talk to me. gosh doesn't she know how much it hurts being so close to her, i just wanted to cry...what made it worse was when she started talking about the girl that she's with...sigh hurt so much.

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I love ADIO jeans

I did it. I am now going to part of a group that goes around to schools and talks about what its like to be queer. I think what OutrightVT does is really cool and this is my way of thanking the people who came to my school and gave me the courage to come out.yep.

I think someone on here should write a story Im getting really sick of reading the same old queer book over again. One might say quit complaining why dont you right one. There answer would be I am but its a memoir so its gonna take a year.Anyway there are a lot of smart people on here and I just think it would be cool to see some stories on here.

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A friend? Or a Lover?

Everyday during school me and one of my friends her name is erin hang
out all the time during lunch, and i'm really really extremley in love
with her but at the moment she has a boyfreind. So then a coulpe days later
she pulls me aside of our group of friends and tells me that she's bi.
This girl is absolutly gorgeous, soo my first thought was like omg thank
you , thank you god. The next day during lunch she gave me this note that

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I hate school :o

I don't go to school myself, I'm home schooled. (Closer to, I teach myself if there's something I want to or need to know.) But all of my friends do. It stinks because I can't see people my age when they're in school. But that's not why I don't like it.

I hate school because you're stuck there for 6 hours a day, and then they give you two hours of homework. Or at least thats what the schools I went to did. And that's what Sora's school is apparently doing.

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well I havent posted in a bit, but I HAVE been looking at what all you other people have been posting. It seems that the majority of you are here to rant about how you're crushing on her, but you dont want her to know that you're gay. or that you like him, but you dont wanna tell him you're bi. i know how all of you feel, but i just wonder... wouldnt life be easier if we could all just be out and proud (i know some of you are) and let the world know what we ARE gay or bi or whatever. i think that as who we are, we get discriminated against unfairly and i dont like that. to make myself feel better, i think i might become the first ever women president and change all the state laws about same sex marrige. i mean come on. is it really that bad that that girl over there likes that one shes hanging out with? (or possibly going out with?) or is it so hard to believe that some of us were born differently than that striat girl or boy playing basketball?

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Maaaan this sucks. We were standing behind the place which I shouldn't mention the name of today at lunch, getting baked, like, 12 of us, and all the sudden a cop drives up, takes this guy's bong, and all the weed in it, and tells us never to come back. He said those of us who are 16 or over could get a ticket, but, i guess he just wanted to take our pot and smoke it himself rather nthan write up a report and have it destroyed. jerk. I guess i should be thankful, I'd probably get kicked out if my parents had to pay a ticket for me smoking pot on private property. Hah. Well then I'd go live with Caitlyn or Eric. Or Teri! man, i could get high every day in glencoe!

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Need Comforting

I just turned down tickets to see the ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY in THE TEMPEST. Because of a previous engagement that I absofuckinglutely cannot get out of.




Tell me something that will make me feel better?


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My name is Kelsey.
I can't stand that people who don't understand homosexual or bisexual feelings think things like this about anyone they know that's recently come out:
They think that every time you see someone of the same sex, you immediately like them, or find them attractive, or wanna be with them. Just because you're attracted a sex someone that (the person who can't understand) could never understand having feelings for, doesn't mean you're gonna jump on them the first chance ya get!

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kinda disappointed in my GSA....

so, last week i decided to give the GSA a try... last years GSA was very
small, like 5 or 6 kids and to be honest they never got anything accomplished
so i ended up not attending that often. well, last week i get there and there
must have been 40 kids in the room.... mostly sophos and juniors. the group
was a little "different" to be honest but not exactly being normal myself,
who was i to judge, right?

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Just a thought/short rant

Hate it when all people think about who I am now is just "gay"... I mean there's a whole lot more to me than just that -_-;;

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