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Feeling Real Stink at the Moment...

Okay, since Daniel said those nasty things on Friday my whole weekend wasn't so bright. I've been having crushes on guys that I'll only be jealous for. Daniel's obviously not just being ignorant, but saying really nasty things. Blake seems to be saying things behind my back while acting really nice in front of me. Jing is just so random and he's straight as an arrow I just know it. Now.. my last major crush Tyler, who I realised I had feelings for..

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Adam you suck! go on msn!

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Okay, so there's this guy called Daniel. I have this major crush on him right nw, but he doesn't know. He doesn't know I'm gay either (until today), he just thinks I'm playing along to a rumour with everyone (he's actually the guy that started the rumour). I told him I was gay before, but he just said "I know you're not" and we're still friends and all that after that. But today I "formally" told this other guy called Robert that I'm gay, and he totally creeped out.

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happy happy happy!!!

wooo.. happy happy happy./.. don't even no why.. i hve like lots of suacides to kech up on in soccer.. but.. wooooooooooo.. i think i might have a few problem.. wooo.. i get to go to the concert.. as long as i don't get drunk.. or come home drunk i'm aliright.. lol.... but everything was good today. somehow.. i didn't really visit anibody today.. but hagin wit my new friend.. :P.. she understands me ..

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UGH Im so annoyed I was watching the news today and now the government is voting to ban gay marriage (again)...they aren't gonna get enough votes but still ugh conservative republics are such morons. Besides being total asses (parden me) they are saying it's ok to discriminate in the constitution. AFter awhile I had to just turn off the TV it made me so upset to here these dicks talk over and ov

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is there even such thing as "normality"

omg, what an idiot!!!!!! I am absolutely infuriated wiht bush right now. i am watching the news tonight at dinner, and they say something about bush trying, yet again, to get a constitutional ammendment to ban same sex marriages. it didn't work before, thank god, but who knows, i don't know if it will happen now. even before i decided i was bi, i have been all for gay rights. seriously, first it was the colored people, then the women, and now the gays. WTF. so, basically, if you are not a white, straight, male, you are screwed, and doomed to live a horrible life. if you are a woman, gay, and colored, you are really screwed. if you are any combination of any of those, you get discriminated against. lets face it, there will always be tha group who is discriminated against, it all depends on when you are living, what group it is. now, the unfortunate people are us. the not "normal" people, the people who aren't all into the opposite sex, and if you are bi, you have even more problems, straight ppl hate u, because u r, in a way, gay, gay ppl discriminate because u r in a way, straight. it is just like those kids who grew up just after the emancipation proclamation who were half black, half white. it is horrible how u r discriminated against, over something u can't control. you can't control the color of your skin, you can't control who u r attracted to, ppl are stupid, and i can't stand it. don't get me wrong, i am not saying that all straight ppl hate gays, or that all gay ppl hate straight ppl, or that no one likes bisexuals, i am just saying that there are a lot of ppl out there who discriminate, and i am not saying that what happened to african americans is even comparible to what is happening to us, but we are going backwards, we started out with rights, like regular ppl, and we are slowly, but surely getting them taken away. we are just ppl, just ppl born without that mutation, the mutation of hating everyone different than us. nothing bothers me more than when someone says that god wants marriage between just a man and a woman. Pick up the clue phone it's ringing, hello!!!!!! i fgod created everything, he obviously created gay ppl. he obviously decided that the world was over populated, so he decided that instead of all these single ppl, who are not as happy, he would create ppl who couldn't reproduce, but it didn't matter, because they were happy, which would be the gay ppl. if god intended marriage to be between a man and a woman, only, then why would he have created gay ppl? come on, he created the people, and had this plan for the ppl, who decided to get married, in a gay relatioinship. if god really doesn't want gay ppl to be happily married, then why would he have started it, if he wanted it to be outlawed in the church, why would he have created gayness, if he really wanted everyone to be straight, why would he have created gaynes?

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airsoft guns

So the younger kids that think that anal sex between two men leads to babies have airsoft guns outside now and are shooting at each other.

I don't care how anyone else feels about them, I really freaking don't, but it makes me very unhappy that a bunch of young kids at my apartment complex are running around shooting at each other and talking about killing one another and getting machine guns.

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what ever

I got kicked out for a day cuz my hair makes me look like a guy. jesus mom.. i've been leaving hints everywere.. can't you just pick up. you even read when that person came on my msn and said do you have a girlfriend yet.. you would think cuz i no you read it.. you would think that you would no.. n so what if i like to look i like to look in the guys section for cloth.. they have more better and much cooler stuff.<(break)> .and wearing black doesn't mean that you take drugs..

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Guess who's feeling "blah"?

Damn right I am. I woke up angry this morning (never a good sign), and now my school's principal may be getting the boot because of it. (I really like having family on our school board; I'm a horrible person.) But now I don't feel anything. Let's start a forum discussion titled "Interesting topics to talk about." Or, (better yet) we could do the same thing via comments! ~~~Let's try it!~~~ (someone help me!

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Fuck I am mad at him.....

Ok so I go to the Dr.'s office today at 12;45 pm and sit there for several hours only to get another appmt tomorrow at 3pm...I drive home, get out of the car and go inside only to find all the doors closed and the dog in the computer room with the door shut too... My lover is nowere to be seen...Bedroom door is closed..I open it and my jaw hits the floor....We have a open relationship Robb and I do that is to say he can have sex with other persons as long as its not at our home and not in our bed...Yet here he

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Uhh, hello to everyone, I guess, if I have to.

I came to this website to try to become more involved. Below is my introduction/biography. I hope this works...

Soo... I came out to one of my parents (they're divorced), but by the end of the summer I hope to have almost everyone up to speed on all of that. I've known since, well, a long time. I really can't come out to my school, because it's in rural (ultra-) conservative-republican Iowa, and they would beat me, kill me, burn me at the stake and such. My other goal for the summer is to make a friend or two through this site so that I can keep up on the gay community or... yeah. This is still quite new to me, and I'm not used to knowing if 'gay community' is politically correct. But you know what I mean. I feel like little-retard-kid-who-can't-function-in-the-proper-social-environment. I just feel lost. And maybe lonely (does that sound tragic enough?). So, that's a fairly accurate portrayal of my feelings right now. Look for it in a journal in the next day or so.

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Kinda Pissed

Omg, my fone just had to die on me oMGMGMGMmGGMGMG when I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine called Tyler. He can't really remember me (and I can't reali remember him that well anyways) but we're getting to know each other better and I was kinda flirting and the fricking battery just had to DIE. Poo poo poo. I hate this... although I can't really blame anyone but myself since I was on the fone ages with Ellen before that... Argh, just pissed.

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8th Grade Graduation

I had my eigth grade graduation tonight meaning I'm now a ninth grader! The ceremony was long and boring.
I got a certificate saying I didn't totally flunk out.
But the thing that really sucks is, my brother whom my dad relies on very much told him that we were ready to go and dragged me out before I could say goodbye to my friends. When they finally caved I bolted. Yeah not the right thing to do but what the fuck I didn't want to be there anymore. If I was only 'allowed' to be there because my brother said it was okay, then screw it, I didn't fucking want to give him the satisfation.

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Complete randomess and frustration

For some reason I've been really frustrated and sad about nothing today... Omg... (or maybe something, but it's just all wierd and messed up and just I dno... this is a rant anyways)

Oh, and why is it when I'm PHYSICALLY attracted to guys... a lot of the times I find that most of the guys around me are real dickheads? (no pun intended)

Yet again, I find I can connect emotionally and mentally better with a lot of girls compared to guys... when crushes aren't COMPLETELY dependant on physical appearances (because it realli isn't...), might I develop a crush a girl even when I'm not exactly physically attracted to her?

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yo.......if ur bored like i am right about now....care to add me on myspace?? i wanna see some new people......comment on some pics too lol

www.myspace.com/lynny_baby (i think its that one lol)


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straight girls

For some reason I am usually attracted to straight girls, but I always get this feeling like they're not 100 percent straight. I know this is a common thing, and I know it's something I'm going to have to get over. But, it's kinda frustrating when I'll be out with my best straight friend and other girls check her out while ignore me--the lesbian. Yes, I'm completely in love with her, and I know I can never tell her because I know the feelings are not mutual.

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my life

its crazy my mom wats everything prefect but im only one kid plus i have to deal with everyone bashin on me at school but on kid in my class makes it seem all worth it

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Every day, sitting in a dull building, with dull computer screens, blinking and burning my vision after the long monotonous hours…How is it that we humans have come to believe that this is the way to pay the bills? Why is it that we’re so insistent upon the payment of things, obtaining things, remaining alive with thick, juicy steaks and Japanese SUVs?

I don’t know…but I do it, just like every other American; living the American Dream. Only I’m not an ordinary American. Of course there are aspects of me that seem to be normal, but I think it’s just the fact that I have been conditioned, manicured, and seduced by the so called “status-quo.

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I was walking down the hall during 6th period when this stupid kid standing around with about 10 of his friends looks at me and yells.."hey,sam are you a DIKE!" i turned arouned and flipped him off. dont get me wrong, i am proud to be a lesbian if he would have asked me hey same are you a lez? i would have sayed ya so??? or somthing like that ( by the way everyone knows im lesbian) but i dont know what i should have done becouse i know i handled the situation wrong!

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Scum of the Earth?

One day back at school and I've already had a nice healthy dose of homophobia. Woopie for me.

We're sitting in English, and about to start our new topic for the term - Othello.
Our teacher starts talking about Shakespearean language and how the meanings of words change.

"So, what did the word gay used to mean everyone?"

"Happy!" "Enid Blyton!" etc, says the class.

And.. I bet you can see whats coming..

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