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Sea-glass and Valium

Icy raindrops slid down the collar of Darren’s shirt as he opened the door to his apartment complex and hurried inside, drying his feet on the welcome mat before sprinting up the staircase. The lobby was dimly lit as usual but he didn’t miss a step as he raced to number 203.

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do not go gentle

A door creaked open as I pulled on my coat in the foyer. My sister's voice echoed from the top of the stairs.
"Mike, can you stop by the drugstore? We're out of pain medicine."
I hated when Cara called me "Mike" because that's what our absent mother used to call me before she took off. But I couldn't be mean to her right then.
"Okay," I said as lightly as I could. "I'll stop there on my way to the club."
Before she could turn around, I called her name.
Cara froze on the fourth step and my heart sank when I noticed something like hopelessness in her aquamarine eyes.

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Kryptonite Tears

*A story I wrote inspired by the song "Superman" by Five For Fighting.*

The football field is completely deserted at 6:30 on Sunday evening. The washboard sky is stained a buttery amber and I'm sprawled on the hood of my station wagon, waiting for my best friend, Ryder.

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Requiem for a Dream

This is all fiction. Any resemblances to real life are purely coincidental.

- - - - -

Holy mother of God I need a God damn reality check; I need to start seeing reality. Feel it with all its perfections and imperfections. Holy fuck what am I going with my life. Oh my God, what have I been thinking.

This is a journal about drugs.

None of the glorification, or exagerations. Just events.

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The ewe has become especially circumspect. What she once consecrated has now been scotched by the cabals who have vilified the once ebullient creature.

Her pliant nature, his impermanence.

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My Coming Out Story

SO I've never actually typed out my coming out story even though it happened two years ago. Goodness knows that after what happened to force me out warned me against writing down any important thought or feelings. But here goes nothing:

Two years ago, my grade nine year in high school, I fell in love with my best friend. She had already came out to me as being bisexual and before her I had always assumed myself to be straight. But one day it just clicked inside me that I was in love with her.

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Love on the Rocks

Prologue: Togetherness

"Sara Joanne Morris and Jacob Nash Mackensie you have been found guilty of the crime of unlawful sexual conduct with the opposite gender. Your sentence for this crime is death by fire. Do you have any last words before the burning comenses?"

"One." Sara spoke calmly from the stake she was tied to. A furnace churning and pouting below her feet.

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My Shadow (Story)

He has a tragically beautiful smile on his face. He's perfect. We were born to be together; complements like shadows attached to your body and appendages. The pairing untainted like the image of an old woman eating alone in a cafetaria, or a sunburnt child oblivious to the tragedy she has been afflicted with. The two are inseparable without losing its meaning. I cannot walk into the the darkness without starting to lose sight of myself as well. In a twisted way, we deserve each other. Sometimes I don't notice him – but he always lingers around, surprising me at the bends and corners.

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Don't ask me where this is going because I don't know...

Her body is the marriage of grace and sex. It's there amongst the music of her speech and the noise of her distance from my hand. It bends to imitate the ways of lovers in bed and sways like that of a dancer. Her body falls into my bed and "come," it says. Too much for my brain to behold, my body retreats.

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(this is a story i wrote in like february but i wanted to post it)

the train rattled clumsily down the track. she stared at the window, but the torrential rain outside ran down the dingy glass in rivulets, obscuring any landscape there might have been. the train swayed slightly from side to side and the dim light on the ceiling swayed with it, casting sickening, moving shadows throughout. the train car smelled musty and damp, and most of the torn seats were stained dark—it was anyone’s guess what color they’d originally been.

i waited.

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Random story time!

So, yeah, I had a bunch of friends over this weekend to work on a project for English, and it was actually really eventful (even if we didn't get a lot of filming done ^^;;;)

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Keeping You a Secret...

This was an awesome lesbian love story! It's geared toward teenagers as the main characters are teenagers. It tells the story of a girl who is realizing she is a lesbian and is also falling in love with a new girl at school. A very realistic depiction of a lesbian teenager and the struggles some of us face. A MUST read! 'Twas awesome!

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Chapter One

My earliest memory is probably that of a swing. I was sitting on a swing (as you do), swaying back and forth, legs too short to touch the ground. I held on tight, Mother was pushing me telling me to ‘hold on tightly’. It’s so vivid in my mind. I remember it was a sunny day. There were also other kids. Then I let go, landing face first onto the rocky concrete.

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writers block

Ok so im basically a writing freak, im writing the cliche gay story but i need help ita taken me a year and im still stuck so far i have..........

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Short "short story"... any comments?

Thanks for your comments.

*this entry has been deleted*

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*keels over* first draft for Hear Me Project....constructive criticism is muchly needed....


"Make a wish baby, make a wish on the shooting star."

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What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you.

so...i haven't written anything worthwhile since the beginning of august. and then i wrote this just now.....

so yeah, tell me what you think....

for the record, this is fiction, though you're probably smart enough to figure it out, but yeah.....didn't happen.


"I see your taste in fashion hasn't changed."

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Wise Warrior

okay, I was in the shower and i just suddenly had this phrase in mind, so i wrote this little tidbit of a story around it. not really connected to anything, just an image i had. i might go with it, i might not....i dunno yet.


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I smiled, the desperation slithering through my bicuspids like muck and nuclear waste, filling my face with that stomach-turning expression of need, "Come to prom with me," I tried to keep the pleading to a minimum, "it'll be fun, I swear. It won't even be a date, just the two of us, coming as friends?"

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Story: A Crafted Masterpiece

A Crafted Masterpiece

“Splendid!” cheered Carter in abrupt and excited approval.

That evening for the first time in his life, as he caressed the slender figure of her body, he felt at one with her. Yes, this is the one he is searching for. Time seemed to cease except for the black and white television that played faintly in the background.

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