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Requiem For A Broken Heart

She slowly awakened. I watched her eyes softly part. Those eyes had once gazed into my own whilst overflowing with a tender passion. Those eyes flitted round, searching, eventually settling on me. There was no adulation in her gaze now, her eyes were full of terror.

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Dead End

“The cars were still going by. I guess I just snapped.

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multitudes of kisses

somebody brought up first kisses. they were older and played the game of "back in my day didn't have peer support like the internet or gay/straight alliances, so we often had straight first kisses!" i had a straight first kiss, even though i started a gay/straight alliance. i was in heavy denial in middle school and fooled around too much with boys. so my first kiss was with one of them, although i ended up not so much kissing them as other things.

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Sunlight Eyes

Have you ever noticed how a person's eyes look when the sun shines directly into them? The pupil and that dark ring around the iris become infinitely black, and the iris itself looks like its been made from a translucent butterfly's wing. Whenever I see sunlight-eyes, I fall in love. Sunlight- eyes are forever open doors, allowing a view into a house filled with mirrors and crystal. You can never be sure if you're seeing yourself or the person whose eyes you watch.

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Death of the Sun

In a world of monotone lectures
And monochrome hallways
Non-pigmented flowers in a black and not-so-white garden
Coordinated and classificated in gray.

Spread like warm butter over processed un-whole wheat bread
Don't think I don't know what you lost
In the back of your brother's 1969 cadillac convertible

Or what you gained, shall I say
When you found those ways to get wasted

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I lace my black Dickies with my rainbow laces and rainbow toes and think
about you. The lies I told you. Last night, I told you that I missed Ashley, I
wanted her back. That was true. Her eyes, her face, her everything are all
over my mind and she won’t leave me alone.
You got upset and I hurt you. Even though that is the last thing I want
to do.
“It comes across -- to me -- like I’m not enough for you,

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Look at Momma go!

Hi kids,

Goodness gracious, I let this go for much too long (again). Needn't you all worry; I'm still alive and kickin'. This past week has been very active, to say the least, and frankly, it was what I needed.

And believe it or not, I didn't get any action. Really, I didn't. :-P

So here goes my little story about what went on....

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Halfway to Anywhere

I've known Sari since 4th grade. I was the weird new girl at school, and she was the popular girl that got along with everyone. She was one of the first people to talk to me, and we've been inseperable ever since. And that's saying something, if you consider how our lives have been. See, she comes from a family of blacksmiths. They travel all over to sell their stuff at craft shows. As a result, she missed a lot of school. Just a year after we met, she started homeschooling. I made new friends, but no one could take her place. We called each other every day, no matter what.

I started Jr. High. I made all kinds of new friends. I also developed a huge crush on a girl named Tiffany. I knew Sari didn't have any chances to meet new people, so I introduced her to everyone. Neither of us connected to them in the same way, though. There was something special about our friendship that just wasn't there with any other.

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