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The Painter (working title...this came from a dream, FYI)


It all started when I was twelve—no, younger than that even. My uncle whipped me with a belt when he first saw me in my mother’s silk evening clothes, made-up with my young inexperienced hands of ten, the skirts pooling around my feet like pink champagne. It was then they sent me to live in the attic of my father’s household, that old Victorian manor surrounded by the tenements of a big New England metropolis. But that enlightened sunshine never fell upon those dusty Persian rugs, the tarnished dinnerware, the threadbare tablecloths. Only when I came did I put pride into the domesticities of the house, my father being away at the bank. I would pretend to be the lady of the house when he was gone. The servants never said anything.

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Been Cheated on and sick of it...

This guy i dated for 7 years have 1 kid by him and he just now told me that he cheated on me and i don't know what to do about it. he didn;t give ma a reason on why he did it he just called me all types of names like bitch, slut, hore, hoodrat and everything in the bookand i cant figure out why maybe its because i don't want to bewith him any more but he says thats not it. anyway i'm sitting here stressing myself out on why is he treating me like this i just cant understand why.if a guy don't like you why do they waiste there time and yours dealling with you if they really don't want to.i think i'm a little depressed cause i don't know what he is thinking.

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I got to be an accompianist for auditions for West Side Story. I had a lot more written but I deleated it by accedent.

All right so After school I was helping out by reading other caracters lines when people were auditioning. (my favorite was when Raul auditioned) but that's another story, anyhoo, I was getting pretty bored and started listening to the Rent soundtract on my Ipod when the director taps me and asks me to substitute for the accompianist.

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1st five chapters of GENERATION LOST revised and edited... Feedback appreciated

Chapter 1

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Exiles of the Establishment

From Orpheus Alan Lee’s Journal

First of all, what I want is clarity. A way of life that makes sense to me, that brings me satisfaction. I don’t want to half-ass my way through life and content myself with mediocrity. In all honesty, I would rather pierce myself with thick bamboo shoots each morning or stick a tack in my eye.

Okay, maybe not, but this is a time for hyperbole, okay?

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Chapters 4-6 of GENERATION LOST... feedback appreciated

Chapter 4
DARKNESS. SWEET OBLIVION. There are voices, though. Laughing, crying, yelling, babbling intelligibly. They all seem happy. Stanley can hear them, but he can’t see them. All around him he looks, and all around him there is blackness. A light appears in the distance, and he moves to it. There is a mirror in that brilliant shaft of light. Peering into it, Stanley sees is himself - years younger and smiling. The image turns and reaches up, and large hands come down to pick him up. He giggles and disappears. Stanley reaches out, but the moment he touches the mirror it shatters. The voices stop. Silence. Stanley throws his head back and screams. It is a strange, almost mechanical sound. The ground opens up beneath him and he falls.

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End of chapter 2 and all of 3 of GENERATION LOST

“GOD DAMN IT STANLEY! Do you have any idea how worried we were? We didn’t know what to think!!

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this story is ending im sorry

i just cant finish this story. it didnt quite come the way i wanted it to.
here the end. joanna lies to stephanie. why she doesnt know. because she wants someone to like her but they fall in love. then joanna is trapped not knowing how to gewt ou. stephanie is hurt and she should be. she thinks joanna ly but she didnt. joanna loves her and loves her but she was selfish. stephanie leaves joanna and finds someone else who is amazing and who she deserves and joanna lives her life try to shake stephanie. because she loved stephanie so much she cant love anyone else. joanna wishes for stephanie back and im not sure if stephanie will come back but still joanna wishes.\

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1st. half of Chapter 2 of GENERATION LOST appreciated

Chapter 2
Why Care?

“SEE YOU WHEN I can, baby.

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chapter 8

Chapter 8

Joanna sat down with a thump on the rough, wooden park bench. She grumbled to herself and shoved her hands in her warm jacket pockets. Tears threatened the rim of her eyes but she shook her head and got up and paced. She remembered Stephanie talking about past relationships but Joanna had assumed with women. When they were together, she didn’t seem to falter or stumble of what to do or how to act. She seemed comfortable with being with another women. Her mind raced over the image of Stephanie seeing mike. Did she love him? Her heart became angry and burden. She hated him, but what for? He had done nothing to her. He wasn’t a bad looking guy. He was a little awkward and off center, but over all a handsome man. Anger pulsed threw her. He had been with her and that bugged Joanna. She wanted Stephanie all for herself but it would never be that way. He had been with her. Joanna let tears come down her face. She sat down hard and buried her face in her hands and wept. All she wanted was Stephanie, but now she didn’t even know if she still had that. He cell phone rang and Joanna jumped slightly as she pulled her phone out and answered it.

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1st half of Chapter 1 of my book, Generation Lost appreciated

Chapter 1


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chapter 6 carianne you better comment!!!!

Chapter 6

Joanna kept running. Faster and faster. She had to keep running. Her lungs burned from the lack of oxygen. Acres on acres went and past until she could see the edge of the woods where pop had told her Stephanie had been over five hours ago. She thought she would give Stephanie time to breathe but five hours! She picked up her pace praying to god nothing had happened. Her feelings and thoughts were mumbled and the only thing yelling in her head was the thought of getting to her. Daniel’s face flashed in Joanna’s mind and she closed her eyes for a second wishing she could stop Stephanie’s reaction she had seen. She had the wrong idea with Daniel. When she reached the woods she jogged through the trees and saw Stephanie sitting peacefully on the ground.

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okay okay chapter 5. i hope ya'll like it

Chapter 5

The first one she met was Harold benjamin senior but, he was known as “pop

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Changes~ Pt. I

The year is 199X. Two boys are sitting in front of a tree. One
of them climbed up the tree and said, "Hey! I can see my house
from here!"

The other boy said, "Well, of course you can see your house from
here. Your house is right next to this tree up the hill."

The boy in the tree is Nathan. He is 7 years old. The boy leaning

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chapter 4

Chapter 4

“Please, please, please

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The Birthday Card

The birthday card, which had somehow miraculously appeared on her dresser, was concealed in a plain white envelope, the only evidence as to who it was from was her instantly recognizable handwriting on the front. In that looping, somewhat calligraphy-like handwriting was a single word: Emily. It lay on her dresser like a beacon, screaming out the love that it contained. Emily sat on her bed, staring at the white square, tapping her fingers against themselves, trying to keep herself from rushing over and ripping it open like a rabid four-year-old on her birthday. But after five minutes, the feeling still hadn’t passed; Emily stood, still restraining herself and walked (slowly) over to the dresser. Ever-so-carefully, she opened the envelope, half-expecting a big, extravagant surprise. But all that was in there was a lone sheet of white stationery paper with three forget-me-nots in the top left-hand corner. In that same handwriting it read:

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chapter 2

Chapter 2

Stephanie was thinking to herself. All night she couldn’t get Joannas image out of her brain. As she walked down the lobys stairs to cross the hall she tripped and fell. When she shook off what happened she realized it didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would.
“Good thing I broke your fall, huh?

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a call for help.

He rasied the gun up to his head. He had tried evrything he knew how to do.
He had tried makeing friends, finding love, being acctpedted.
In the end he had sent the final call for help,the treat of sucidie. but it was dismed by all he knew.even his friends at a surrptong stite for "BIS,Gays&sraitghts."
None cared. With a heavy heart he was about to take to the only he had left,the only thing he had ever really owned his own life.

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The Untitled Screenplay. Be Warned: 5,000 Words



We focus upon a small bed, where AMBELINE, a young girl in her junior year of high school, sleeps curled into a tight ball under her comforter. Beside her head an alarm clock flashes 7:00 A.M. on a bedside table, and suddenly the sounds of Bad Days by The Flaming Lips come on. With a moan, Ambeline raises herself groggily.

Damn it. School.

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new story check it out chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Damn it!

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