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For you, my love, the moon and stars. PART I


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Sammyboy137: luke?

Sammyboy137:Lucas? you there?

Sammyboy137: come on, it’s important

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flamermonkeyman: wha?

flamermonkeyman: i was sleeping

Sammyboy137: luke, i’m gonna do it. tonight. i can’t take this anymore…

flamermonkeyman: huh?

Sammyboy137: I need to see you first, can you get out?

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bout time i fniished this story- the end

devyn sighed hard with her forhead against the locker door. she fought hard against the tears that were fighting her eyes to be released. she shrugged off her coat and hung it in her locker. the cold had stung her bruises and cuts which were starting to worsen from her night in her car. all of a sudden she felt a sharp prickle on the back of her neck. devyn looked down and saw a small, tiny girl who stood royally. her smirck was spreaad across her face. her short legs were bundled under jeans and her arms under a white wool sweater. her shoes were worn and they looked like a pair hope had. ddevyn closed her eyes with the idea that she was wearing hope's stuff.

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That One Word: Part IV

That One Word: Part III


Don’t think I didn’t know how hard it was for you then—believe me, I expected it. Maybe not quite so much cold shoulder, but I’ve forgiven you (you’ve had more than your fair share of shit from me, haven’t you?). Relationships are all about forgiveness, at least in my eyes; as John Lennon once said...“won't you please, please help me?

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That One Word: Part III

That One Word: Part II

Seth leaned against the chipped orange lockers, waiting for Alex to come waltzing out of the bathroom. Removing sharpie from your forehead was harder than originally anticipated. Seth rolled his eyes and walked down the brightly lit hall to the vending machines, inserting a painfully smoothed dollar bill and watching dazedly as a hot cheetos bag fell from its little cage.

“Is Alex really gay?

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That One Word: Part II

That One Word: Part I

“Pick a card, any card.

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WEDNESDAY is not quite here...10 (story)

Amelia and I walked around the park 3 or 4 times before we were satisfied with getting to know each other. I carefully explained that I had no sister and etc, and she gave me a more detailed version of her bio.
At the second or third time around the lake my hand was twitching its way towards hers, but she, maybe, conveniently avoided it by pointing out a turtle in the water.
I stuffed my hand in the pocket of my jacket as I watched her smile apoligetically.My face burned and she avoided looking at me until the blush passed. I realized it wasnt accidental.

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That One Word


First of all, Seth, let me say that I love you. Don’t worry, I know how much you hate it when I say that (which is why I do; you do know me, don’t you?). And I know you’ll hate me even more when you see this, but I have to tell it—I can’t keep everything inside me anymore with the tale running cold in my veins. You don’t want me to, I know (despite all my reassurances that no one cares), but it’s really not your say.

So, pardon me from being blunt and cruel, but this is for your own good. And mine, hopefully.

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NUMBER NINE. (yes, two in two days!!!!)

"I think I'll...I think I should go with plum." I say indefinately from the chair at the hairdresser's.
"Ooh, my god, totally. You had something like that before, right?" Katy is looking at me from the mirror and her eyes are glowing.
"It was darker."
She smiles and nods. I stare at the floor for a while. I wonder if she's the kind of person who would get wierd if I told her I was gay. Not that it mattered. I payed 60 dollars for my last haircut. My dad wont be letting me come here too much more often than I have...if anything, less. I didn't have to worry about Katy's thoughts on the matter.

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good day

i had an interveiw and i got the job so i'm happy now thanks for listening

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The Cuddler

If anyone is interested, I posted a character sketch that I recently wrote over on my blog tonight. The piece is called "The Cuddler" and is available here. I know I keep talking about writing on here and other places, so here's something you can actually read, since I keep the novel under wraps for the most part.

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I am a new person to
this...I am only 15 turning
16!!! I am so board...I do
like guys ... My perfect guy
blond hair,not fat,dont smoke,
and dont drink..I am going to
get going ...
Buh Bye

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Throwing Him Out

A few people mentioned that it might be an idea to continue on with this story: Brushing her hair... so I wrote some more. I'm not sure of it though; any tips, ideas, or thoughts? This one is called, Throwing Him Out.

But things are changing with her; perhaps she is developing a sense of right and wrong; a moral conscience, so to speak. And so, this time, she throws him out of her bed, after showing him all the joys of her apartment; beginning and ending in her bedroom after a calorie filled takeaway meal on her balcony, laughing as they dropped food over the edge onto the road.

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Redefining Dignity

This was a paper I wrote for school for a very open-ended assignment.

Redefining Dignity

In their quick glances in the hall, in their glittering eyes and no-toothed smiles, she sees laughter and malice. Who does she think she is? What does she think she’s doing? How could she even think that, want that? Ew. She’s dirt, psychotic dirt that they grind into the ground with our smiles-that-would-be-smirks, their thoughts unspoken but playing loud, loud in her head because she thought them once too. Grind it all into nothing and it will go away.

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Arrows in the Sun: Chapter Two

So here's chapter two..

I don't know if i'm going to post the rest on Oasis simply because i don't
know how long it might take to finish it, but if i don't and you're
interested then just get in touch with me and i'll send you whatever i've
got. ^-^

--------------------Arrows in the Sun: Chapter Two-----------------------

The sudden rush of people had caught Jason off guard and before he knew it he had been swept off to some opposite corner of the club. Amidst the flashing lights, the people dancing and the music that was blaring he was quickly disoriented and after a few minutes he had almost given up any hope of finding Page before the end of the night. He would have used his cell-phone, but he doubted she would have heard it ringing over the music.

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Arrows in the Sun: Chapter One

Okay so i'm working on a new short story ^-^

It's going to follow along the same lines as my older one (Shine Empty
Soul) did. It's kinda a romance soap opera thing, the main characters of
course being gay/lesbians. It's mostly about high school relationships,
the typical fantasy dream date kind of deal that i suppose most of us
wish would happen to us lol.

Anyway, if you decide to read, then enjoy :)

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Oh Lord, pray for us...we might be going against your church's teaching but not your doctrine. Part 2

So I went to my job today at the church and I saw the Opus Dei priest talking with our main priest about who did what. So my priest said that the church is cleaned and manteined by me and that seemed to piss off the Opus Dei priest. I think he had some girl problems as a kid...or as Jay puts it really, really jealous of the fact that I and the other workers are born female. Jay is a little bit whacked in the head for a 13-year-old boy who hits on his friends even though they beat him up every time...but that is how I met him and got him to join the GSA youth group.

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Oh Lord, pray for us...we might be going against your church's teaching but not your doctrine

Today I was at church, about to enter a planning meeting for a possible GSA at this church. I was expecting that a new priest was coming to help, but I just didn't know from where. Well I was going into the closet were me and a few of the others were going to meet (Kind of ironic, meeting in a closet to start a GSA). So as I was just about to go in I saw the new priest, he was creepy, but still out of curiousity I asked him where he came from and what order he was.

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3rd Part to the story

I don’t feel like explaining the mini-road trip to her house, as describing the disgusting, driving habits of my fellow Californians, would easily become redundant. Therefore, I’ll only briefly say, that I almost died again on the way to her parent’s house. It seemed to me that something was trying to keep me from her…or maybe that was just my over-active imagination.
I pulled up to her place, around three, which was a lot later than I had expected. I was irregularly nervous about seeing her again and my stomach was all in knots. I had a familiar feeling of nervousness; it was the same feeling I got the first time I pulled the lap-bar down, on my first up-side-down-roller-coaster.
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My curtains are closed...

My curtains are closed. Yet they brush aside (for a moment) just enough to let a sliver of light slip quietly over my face and into my sight. Across and over and into my space and I am blinded and awoken.
And I hate being awoken.
Fumbling for glasses they tip off the nightstand and crash to the floor with a sound that is magnified into a thousand shooting needles puncturing my head.
And I hate hangovers.

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Still w8tin for stories, so I continued to part 2

Okay, so I know I didn’t really tell you too much about that fantasy I was having and I know you’ll have to forgive me, as it was just as big of a tease as all my dreams are. You know how you get those incredibly intriguing dreams, where you’re just about to get what you’ve wanted the entire time, then reality smacks you in the face and it’s time to go to work? Yep, it was one of those mother-4[_]Ck3R$!!!
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