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Happy Thoughts

Okay so these are some of the things that made my week:
-I got a free t-shirt today
-This girl helped me get my water unstuck from the vending machine
-Seeing people in the LGBT Center
-talking to my profs
-being alone in the classroom with a person ; ) (nothing happened. i think he's taken; sadly)
-considerate people
-talking to people in the Women's Center
-seeing H
-hanging out with A
-seeing K
-going to Applebee's
-picking out clothes for the Ball
-having a friend to go with me to the dance

Okay that's all for now. Feel free to share your happy thoughts.

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Okay so I had some awesome coffee with a friend. It was raspberry and chocolate flavored. Deliciousness. I also had some really good salads lately. I must say that the broccoli salad and the pasta/artichoke salads worked quite well on my taste buds. I must say that I think that my taste buds were dancing to the flavor of the salads. I'm getting a little bit carried away. Food works for me.

So I broke the whole eating only vegetarian food at midnight. That was fun. It was with a grilled ham and three-cheese sandwhich that I ate at the time.

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