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He took the car!

Okay, so my sister brought my two nephews over (Ages 10 and 19) to spend some time with me and my parents while she went out to party with her friends that live in our city. So, my oldest nephew decides to bring a friend, which I was not pleased about. In my mind, you don't bring "friends" when you're going to spend time with your family (especially family that you've only recently began seeing more of than a couple days a year again), but then again maybe that's just me.

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friend wanted more people to go to her party
it's tonight

so i sent out invites last minute yesterday on facebook to half my fb friends, hoping people don't check it that late and only like less than a quarter wil turn up

but quite a few rsvped and the word's spreading and they all think it's my party lol... (friend won't mind we'll laugh it off... she's real close anyway) and from reading the comments on fb it sounds like there'll be HEAPS of people lol. like people are runnin numbers and getin their mates to come as wel

ummm she did say she wants lots of people

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