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Movies I watched lately..... part 1

I am a movie buff, going to school and learning about making movies. Hopefully going to a film school when I'm done with high school. So, you can see where I place movies in my life. Towards the top. :)

So... movies I have watched recently on the wonderful invention of Youtube.

*Lesbian Section*

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Okay. I pretty much fucked up the whole site and post thingies. I am SO sorry. (an amateur mistake I must admit) I felt really bad, and I am here to make it better.
Okay, my solution since I have no possible way of making these things smaller, I will just give you the link thingy and then you can read them on my photobucket account. I think this will be a better and happier solution for all.

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The dreaded first post...

Well, this is my first post here, I just joined a few minutes ago, and I figure I'll tell everyone a little bit about myself.

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