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problem with guy

Hello world.

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What am I?

Hello, I am 14 (male) and in my first year of high school. I am attracted to men and sometimes think other boys at my school are attractive. Also, I recently realized that I am not attracted to females at all. I feel very confused about who I am right now. Because I am attracted to members of the same, and not opposite, gender, I think I might be gay.

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Him. Ugh.

So um. Ew. Breakups are the worst. Oh, I guess I'll expand on that, instead of leaving a random (true) statement floating around my head. I broke up with my 6-month boyf (codename: Paul) for lots of reasons.. But the point being I can't get over it and I don't know why. I'm over him, but not the relationship (friendship), if that makes sense? Plus I'm in the in between stage, where I still kind of like him but logic (of the fact that he was only ever nice to me) is going against the crush. Also, he's not taking it well, being really immature and stuff.

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English Class Quandry

My English class in school has started a poetry unit, which is nice because I like poetry. The main assignment though, is to write a poem pertaining to our "heritage, family, ethnicity, or cultural veiwpoint." The stongest cultural ties I have though are to people like all of you and I don't know if that's a proper writing topic for english class, despite the fact that my English teacher is a feminist, has a history of sympathy towards the queer students at my school, and seems to like me.

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By request- My Mistakes, and advice

I've been asked to share my experiences, and a way to cope with these things.

Just to recap, I was raped a year ago. The man who did this was my boyfriend. This is a long story, and parts of it are blurred by my memory.

How we met? I honestly don't remember. I don't know why, but it's not there. I do know this: he was the kindest man I'd ever known, and I thought he was perfect.

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Advice for a friend--PLEASE HELP?

Hey, I wanna ask for advice on behalf of one of my friends. I was talking to her about how she needs a straight version of Oasis, then I was like *lightbulb*, I can just ask y'all.

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not to sound whiny or whatever...

...but i still need advice about K. here's a link to my original post...

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ok, how to tell her? --please help!, i've finally decided to tell K i like her, but i'm not sure how. should i just come out and tell her, or should i just flirt with her (more than usual) and let her figure it out or what?

...i have no idea how to do this. plus i'm scared i'm gonna lose my best friend. but i'm tired of wishing she was mine.

any advice on how to tell her, or just in general?

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I need Help

Okay, I'm 14 years old. I have matured more faster then some people in my generation. I have been questioning since I was 11. I told my dad that I might like girls a year ago and he asked me a series of questions and he was okay with it. But I have had a year to figure out what my sexual orientation is. I have thought really hard about it, been in relationships with both men and women. I have figured out that I have no interest in men whatsoever. I don't want to tell people because I will be bullied constantly. I don't know if I should tell my parents because I'm afraid.

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She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty

time for the infinite question..

how do you get a girl's attention?

I've been in love with the same girl for two yrs, and she hardly knows I exist. yeah, I know how cliche that sounds, but it's true. the most we've talked is one conversation.. in which I made a complete fucktard of myself and made a dumbass remark about her bassist who'd died a month prior. *facepalms*

so what am I supposed to do to get her attention without making a fool of myself? every time she walks past, I swoon and lose balance. no exaggeration. what can I do to get past that and sweep her off her feet?

Dan Savage?

I love him! He's amazing!
20% (2 votes)
I like him! He's smart!
0% (0 votes)
He's ok.. kind of perverted...
0% (0 votes)
60% (6 votes)
20% (2 votes)
Total votes: 10
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Finding my orientation

I need help guys. I'm not sure if I am lesbian or bisexual or even gay at all! Any advice to help me figure it out? I'm pretty sure I'm bisexual but I'm not completley positive. HELP!!!!!

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Want My Two Euros?

Hi Guys!

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Soooo, the guy...

There's this guy i really like that it's really hot and fits my type and has this sexy mysterious look.

Anyway, the thing is that not me nor my friends can tell if he's gay or not. Which has always been an issue 'cause i like masculine guys but usually eye contact clears it all.

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"the art & science of keeping house"

*this entry has been deleted*

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first post

so recently I've been spending more time in silence, thinking, because I'm coming out to my parents soon. I know for a fact that it will probably be one of the worst days of my life, my parents are *extremely* religious and rather homophobic, but I feel like it's now or never. I'm tired of living a lie and telling them shit that isn't true so they'll leave me alone.

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awkward questions

As the title says, I'm going to shoot some rather awkward questions out there, because i really don't know where else i could get answers for them. I'm almost sixteen, just a month shy and am in my first relationship. I met her through a joint activity between our two GSA's, and when we exchanged scraps of paper with scribbled email adresses, i honestly thought it was to help pool resources.

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Some Advice would be Nice

Okay. So far I've just been writing to write and that’s all fine but I need a little push with this. How would I go about finding a GLBT teen center close to me? I've been trying to look on the internet but it hasn't helped at all. I've only found results in New York and such. I found one in Hillcrest which is only in downtown SD but there was no address or number.

Then if/when I do find one I'm so scared about going. I'm really really almost painfully shy when meeting people and I am not a talker. You really have to spark my interest to get much out of me. I pretty much don't know what to do with myself in social situations. Now with writing I'm good, I can talk away over the computer or through letters and notes and think nothing of it.

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