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Homecoming Day 2012

Homecoming day was just like any other day except for the pep rally, the football game, my halftime performance in the JV game, the winners of the elections, and the day before the homecoming dance.
The pep rally went great during both lunches, the JV game performance was even better, and my parents came to watch me perform at my JV game. I enjoyed it.

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When I saw you the first time...
I swear...
I heard some music chime.
The song of the angels flowing down,
putting glistening sunshine on your head...
A crown.
The perfect ruler for my body,
the perfect person for my habits...
so naughty.
What can I say?
This love, when I see you I feel it everyday.
When I first saw you, the music... so good.
It made me go down under...
Close my eyes, the sweet interlude.
Your eyes, so perfect, so true...
and your lips and body, too.
I just can't say enough about you..
Who you are, what you do.
Baby, I couldn't see you go.

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