American Idol

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I do not like Kara

Ewwww....Kara sucks on American Idol. To me, at least. I really wish that Paula had come back for another season. Then again, Ellen will be on soon. Hmm...I'll have to wait and see how she fares on the show. In any case she can't be any worse than Kara. I'm sorry, I just can't stand her. I like her less than last season! She just does not appeal to me at all, I don't get any personality from her, and she comes of really full of herself. I don't know, maybe it's just me. *shrug*

No offence to Kara likers!

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Ellen on American Idol?

So....apparently Paula Abdul isn't going to be a judge on American Idol anymore so Ellen DeGeneres is going to take over Paula's seat. That seems like kind of a weird move doesn't it? Not that I'm a HUGE American Idol fan or anything but I've watched a few seasons and I like it...sorta. I think I'm going to miss Paula's weirdness...

Thoughts? Do you like the change?

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