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So I just got back from my audition for the school play, and I think it went really well. Considering that I've only ever been in a play once before and all. The monologue I used was all about a person lamenting that her life wasn't more like a musical, and I could really relate to that pretty well - even though I can't sing worth a (something worth singing worth?), if I could change one impossible thing about the world, it would be for real life to be like the musicals. Yup, that wins out over world peace.

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So painless... It hardly felt like coming out...

I had always figured coming out to my parents would be an emotional and tear-filled time, that I would plan for it for days or weeks beforehand, that it wouldn't happen until I had a relatively solid label for my queeritude, or else that one of them would just ask bluntly and outright, giving me no time to prepare, and the emotional and tear-filled scene would follow. I had also figured that something would be fundamentally a little bit different afterward - maybe just a load off my chest, maybe some sort of change in the family atmosphere. But this... Not what I expected at all.

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So today I had multiple discussions (Oddly, only one of which was started by me) on what makes you gay, bi, straight, trans, androgynous, whatever. Everybody agreed that sexual orientation was very simply something you're born with, but there was at least one person who thought that gender identity was partially environmental. I disagree with that, and I should think that it'd be even more of a birth thing than sexual orientation.

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mixed bag

If you ever wondered about purple-haired girl, she didn't turn up on the last day of school unfortunately. But I swear she brushed past me when I was walking out of the train station, weird yeah. So I probably won't ever see her again unless she comes back next year to redo classes she failed like I a m going to be doing. If that's the case, I will definitely start talking to her then. Cheers for the comments by the way guys, they made me smile :]

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