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Bad things happen.

Alone on new years eve. Not really upset about it any more. I take way too much comfort in knowing that I could have a boyfriend if I wanted one.

My attraction to older men worries me. I'm afraid that when I'm actually older, it will flip flop and I'll like people way younger than me. This is probably stupid.

Being gay or bi, you can embody what you want in a boyfriend/girlfriend. You can do your best to look and act like you want your somebody to look and act like, and then it's easy to find each other. It sounds nice in theory, but I'm not so certain it works.

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man down! man down!....

i'm feeling kind off like crystal today.... the really expencive kind you break by ringing too hard....and it's because today is the 7th year anniversery of my first date, with my first bf.... so, if you could send hugs, kisses, love,chocolate, and any thing else you can think off to get me out of my nest of tissues and tear-stained photos, i'd love it very much....

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Gender-queer? Anniversaries.

Woaaaaah... I was right!!!! I might have gaydar (transdar?

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