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Panic attacks.

I'm having one right now. I know because my breathing feels more strained, and I can't concentrate. I know that I'm panicking because of a couple of things. The biggest one right now is probably, surprisingly, not the paper I have due in like an hour. It's actually feminism.

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All my loving

Well, I'm new here. I've been melting down for about two weeks, every night, and having nightmares when I'm finally asleep. Well, more than two weeks. The reason for that is that I'm going to leave the country in like 4 days, and I have a girlfriend here..

I'm going back to Finland, and it's really exciting having been away for almost a year, but still.. She's the only one that seems to matter nowadays. I'd be happy if I could just take her with me. Or stay here. But not be in America, cuz this sucks. But it's not going to happen. Well, it is, in three years.

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My mind

I wrote this when i was trying to figure out if i was insane or just trying to justify my actions by that thought.

I scare myself
I trick myself every day
I go through all the motions
of a normal human being
But in my head
Youll find im not the same
Anxiety is to classify me
But Im not sure
If this thought is pure
Is it all a dillusion
Just a boring ammusion

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