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calling anyone with an opinion...

hey y'all, i need a few names for my story, since i just read a book kinda along the same lines of the one i'm writing, meaning it was a romance and out of the 12 names in my book 8 appeared in the other as well, and don't wanna be accused of ripping off the book i just read...

i need the names that match the following discriptions:

* vampire from the late 18th cen. (b.1774, turned 1790) would prefer a french name or a name with the lang of origin accompanying.

*name for supporting cast, male. pref. popular (c.1970's-2000's) any origin (please specify what origin)

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I need help from gay teens!

Hi everyone! My name is Brad and I am a student at the University of Illinois. If you are a gay or questioning teen in the U.S., I really need your help on a project I am currently working on about the ways that teens see themselves and the kinds of things they like to watch, read, and listen to in the media.

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