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Penguin Classics on Air

Penguin Classics on Air

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Ink on a Road

I don't know about anyone else but I love writing longhand. In my room I have stacks of notebooks, napkins, loose paper, etc. full of snippets, observations, paragraphs, titles, plot-planning, everything.
And I love writing by hand because its a much wider window into emotion and then I transfer over.

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David Levithan

i went to the bookstore the other day and was searching through the books, getting ready to settle on a few that sounded kinda sorta interesting, but not really, when i found a book called The Realm of Possibility. i read the excerpt and found that it had a mix of gay and straight characters, so obviously i HAD to get it. the my dad read the back and noticed that the author David Levithan wrote another book called Boy Meets Boy. he found it on the shelf and handed it to me. i bought them both and was amazed when i started reading Boy Meets Boy (i have a thing about reading books by the same author in the order they were written :-P ).

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