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Nrgh. I just .. Spontaneously started like, BAWLING. I hardly cry.. I mean the only real time I've cried in the past two years... I can't remember. Today, a song came on the radio and I just broke down... I think I'm going to break soon. There's only so much friends can do to help... What I hate the most about this is why.

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OMG SHE'S ALIVE......OR.....Is she a....ZOMBIE?


Yes, yes. It is a miracle......I LIVE.

Sorry, I've been very busy with life lately, and I sort of am not good at keeping up journals. However, I'm back now, and that's what matters. -love-

I guess technically I should have a crap load to share, and sort of I do....but I don't think my life is interesting so I never share it. HAHA.

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