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musical survey... please copy and paste w/ your answers.

Are you a musician? In a Rock Band? Symphony Orchestra? High School Band? Marching Band? Fill out this survey geared to musicians. It's different than the typical surveys, if anything!

Copy, paste and tag your musician buddies!

1. What instrument(s) do you play?
Clarinet, with a bit of piano, percussion and bones.

2. When did you start playing your instrument(s)?
Started singing in the church choir in like 1984, then moved on to piano in 1986, then clarinet ever since 1988.

3. Private Lessons or School?

4. Garage Band, or Accompanyment while singing (for guitar)?

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mini update

I'm kinda smiley, I'm sorta out on myspace now and I left a comment on an awesome local queercore band about their music. The lead singer/bassist left me a nice comment back, I know, not really a big deal but for me it was kinda cool. Ok ok yeah they're hot too ;] Can't wait to go see 'em live, it's a while away though!

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