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White Sands

A dog whose past is unknown. A youth whose future is unsuspected. August 2007.

I must keep it particularly in mind to get tickets exceptionally early for Deathly Hallows Part II when the time comes. Really I must. I can't let the movie series end without my ever having gone to a midnight premiere. Ah well. I at least went to the midnight release of Deathly Hallows the book, which is more important. And stayed up until almost noon that morning finishing it. I'll probably see Part I tomorrow. Maybe.

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rough sketch...

the festering stink of the place is something that could be inadequately described as "rank". to be specific, it smelled like there had been a mass orgy followed by an outbreak of the plague. i resist the urge to pull a face and hold my nose, biting down on the inside of my lip instead. half-dead junkies line the abandoned subway platform, some moaning and twitching, some just staring into their own personal hell. a dog yips and snaps at my feet, but skitters away before i can kick it. some crackhead starts screaming at me about government programs and assassination plots.

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