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Drunk journal

So today we had a BBQ at some friends house with all my classmates and I eventually ended up at some friends house with my best friend and got talking about stuff for like two hours until we felt like going back there, but I got really drunk plus I hadn't eaten anything; after like there's shots of aguardiente I was already tipsy and then I took some more and mixed with whiskey so I got drunk really fast.

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not to sound whiny or whatever...

...but i still need advice about K. here's a link to my original post...

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ok, how to tell her? --please help!, i've finally decided to tell K i like her, but i'm not sure how. should i just come out and tell her, or should i just flirt with her (more than usual) and let her figure it out or what?

...i have no idea how to do this. plus i'm scared i'm gonna lose my best friend. but i'm tired of wishing she was mine.

any advice on how to tell her, or just in general?

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I came out to my best friend

So today I came out to my best friend. I was kinda scared, but I wanted her to know even if she was homophobic. I kind of had a feeling that she was, but I wasn't sure.

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I want to scream

Okay so it's been awhile since i have written here; and i sense it will be long. I ah I don't know how to say this. I have used R. as a crutch not believing someone will fall for me because of the chair blah blah blah obviously stupid I know. Let that prelude the rest of this post.

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A lesson in not hooking up with best friends

So we had the day off of classes yesterday. And my friends and I decided it would be a good idea to get crazy drunk the night before. One girl--Diamond, we'll call her--procured some delicious rum from the Bahamas (from a previous hookup in her dorm), and four queer, single girls proceeded to down an inordinate amount of generously measured shots.

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So I got myself a new gf, and we've been dating for about a week, and everyday I've been on the hour-ish bus ride to go see her. It makes me happy. Her best friend amuses me greatly. Made me miss all of my friends I drifted away from. But oh well. She's at work and my sister was due yesterday, but the baby hasn't popped out yet. I have a job interview tomarrow.

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