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How can I get out of the closet?

I'm stuck in the closet because I'm still kind of questioning. I've been trying to get out of the questioning phase since I was fourteen. I am almost eighteen now.

I tried to come out as gay when I was fourteen, but no one believed me. That made me very confused so I started identifying as bi.

I came out as bi and people were more willing to believe that. I regret coming of as bi because I don't really think I'm bi anymore. I think a lot of my "attraction" to guys was just anxiety.

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Not sure if I am gay or not...

I am 16 years old, living in a small town full of white, religious people. Up until a couple days ago, I thought I was straight, but now I am not so sure. I have never been interested in sex with a female; I feel as if I am attracted to them, but I have never been able to watch straight or lesbian porn. I am the only one who dresses fashionably in my school, I love musicals, and I find myself attracted to some men. I get aroused when seeing naked men and/or gay porn. The problem is, I don't really feel gay.

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i Need help please

this norning my 12 year old sister came up to me and told me she has feelings for both a boy and a girl and asked me too explain it too her (she knows im a lesbian) and i don't know what too tell her shes already had sex edd but dosen't know anything about the birds and the other birds

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i accept u

so alot of my friends who are "out of the closet" are talking
and all of a sudden the whole speech about people saying its okay to be you. and I accept you comes up.
my friends are all "I'm tired of that its over used."
Or a friend said, "I accept you, but don't like me."
i dont understand... isnt that the wat for people say to reassure us that
we're all good, that no matter wat, no matter who we are, we're stil going to b the same?

Whats up wit the whole ORIENTATION??!!!

you born the way you are!
91% (10 votes)
you choose to be who you are!
9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11
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I identify as queer or Androgyne. There was a time I identified as trans. Adrogyne is a name my fiancé gave me to accommodate my female body and masculine mindset and outward expression. (In other words I'm a total "dyke") I prefer the term Androgyne or boi. I'd like to know what everyone else out there identifies as. Are you Queer, gay, ally (friend of gays that is straight), fag hag, fag stag, lesbian, les lover (the male equivalent to lezzies as a femaleis to gay people, aka fag hag), boi, queen, FTM, MTF?
And, why do you identify that way?

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Do I really want a gender change?

Have you every thought, "I want a sex change...or do I?"

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The Out Cast Boy

I told my friend Haley and she then told everyone in school, im so embarrassed even my teachers know, they dont let me sit next to guys anymore its so embarrassing....

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Im a Bisexual boy whos trying to tell my parents what i am i need help!!!

I'm trying to tell my parents that i'm bi but i don't want to put that burden on them they are busy right now trying to help my cousins get through their ordeal , my uncle cheated on my aunt so now were fighting them for custody so i cant tell them now what do i do?
I'm tired of keeping it a secret..

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Well my close friends were the first to find out.. Then I went on and broke the silence with my Mom..

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Christianity and Homosexuality..

I have been asking myself lately, 'do I want to live in the life of God?' and all the time the answer is not clear because I find all the negative thoughts from Christians and all the negativity in the bible. I mean, I don't want to be hated by someone who may or may not really exist. I just think.. Don't you want to at least try to live in the life of god?

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Why does it seem like bi's are always ignored or dismissed?

So in class today we started talking about whether or not being gay was a choice or natural. Which is a real touchy subject at my school because our gay community is basically very ignored. My school is basically made up of christian jocks who are biggots. Though some people have tried to change that.

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Bisexual Heroes in Fantasy Novels - My Amazon Discussion

I started a discussion on the Fantasy Forum about bisexual heroes in Fantasy novels. It has gotten pretty interesting, so I thought I'd pass the link on to you guys.

Feel free to participate if you want, either on Amazon or here.

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bi phase?

I hear a lot of people talking about bi being a phase before you are used to being completely gay.
I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not bi after all, but just completely gay.
But I am not so sure.

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Labels. Who needs 'em?!

Well. I'd better introduce myself since I've kinda been an invisible member of oasis.
Meaning I'd visit every day. Read posts and journals and just not log in or comment or anything else.
Quite embarrassing really =]

Well. For almost a year I've considered myself to be bi.
Not fad bi.
Not fashionably bi.
Not 'in between' bi.
But actually quite assured and happy with my Bisexuality.

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