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Binding--please read

I wrote this for my poetry class (it's supposed to be a prose outpouring on a body part). What do you all think?

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Why Bind?

I hated when my breasts started growing. I remember when my mom took me to a store to buy girly clothes that would cling close to show my new femme-ness. I remember how weird and uncomfortable I felt. That feeling wore off after I had convinced my mom to let me wear boy shirts. Their looseness hid my breasts and I felt so much better.

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I might try binding

Today at school we did an iFlUrTz deal. It's a questionaire that you fill out questions of your likes and dislikes, and it gives you a computer match of your perfect boyfriend and stuff like that. It's a fundraiser for the school. Anyway, me and my metro buddy were talking all loud and said we wish there was a lesbian and gay option to do this thing.

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