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Coming Out

I'm bisexual but only my closest friends know that. This summer, at my summer program, I was a lot more open with some of the girls in the dorm than I had ever been before and it felt really good to tell people who I was. Unfortunately, I think that because I knew I probably wasn't going to be seeing any of those people again, I was a lot more open about my sexuality. Now, I'm going to be a Freshman in high school and I really want to be open and come out about who I am, but I'm terrified.

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My Coming Out Story

SO I've never actually typed out my coming out story even though it happened two years ago. Goodness knows that after what happened to force me out warned me against writing down any important thought or feelings. But here goes nothing:

Two years ago, my grade nine year in high school, I fell in love with my best friend. She had already came out to me as being bisexual and before her I had always assumed myself to be straight. But one day it just clicked inside me that I was in love with her.

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Bisexuals take over RHPS

My friend L told me that a few of her friends in Rocky Horror with us were bi. Specifically one girl who I thought was cute. Unfortunately she has a boyfriend at the moment. But it's nice to know there a few other girls that could be potential mates (um...I actually hate the word but I digress). I also have a small puppy crush on the AD. He has pretty blue eyes.

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