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A Story Of Forbidden Love

Dominique. That name. I still think about her every once in a while. Our story. Is a true story of forbidden love. As you may have read in another journal entry of mine, My parents don't believe in bisexuality. But they don't see my side. Of course they love me and I love them. They just. Don't understand. I'm sure many people have been there before. Well. Dominique was tall, skinny, and beautiful red hair with black underneath. She was crazy though. But that's what made her so unique. We started off as a "secret romance". A romance that we didn't take seriously at first.

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difference in sexuality between genders

I just read this article about how sexual arousal is different for men and women...I won't try to summarize it, here's the link.
Actually, my mom sent it to me...guess she's been doing some research since I came out to her, haha.

The findings here are similar to this article I read in the NY Times Magazine a while ago...

What do you all think about this?

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