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very if you wanna...i just needed to say it before it ate me alive

I'm sick and tired of "bi" girls. I'm freaking DONE with being the experiment. I hate the fact that almost every girl I like decides to use me. Kiss me, touch me, whisper sweet things to me. And then dump me on the side of the road. I feel like I'm lost in the tundra with nothing on but my scarred skin. I want to be loved, damn it! I want to, at least ONCE, feel appreciated. LOVE. Isn't that what I'm about?

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Wats yer opinion on bisexuals?? I went out w/ one and it seemed she was really unsure of wat she wanted, personally I don't think there is such a thing.Yer either gay or straight...but then again there are people that are curious and questioning so what fuck????? any bisexuals wanna inform me ?????

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