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Meh Weekend...

Soooo.... My weekend was fun.

Well the second day at least. The first was boring and rather irritating... But I'm not getting into it.

Soooo, I got to meet my friend since kindergarten for the first time in seven years. It was cool!!! He brought his best friend (who was christened 'Marco Percy Taylor Nancy' by us) and I brought mine. It was really cool, especially since we act like we've never left each other!!!
Bad news about him though: He's seen Wicked, and I haven't. And he's taller than me... By six inches....

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so uhm...
last night me and meghan were on the phone.
i feel like an ass...
cuz at the beggining of the convo i just blabbered on about absalutely nuthing and didnt take the time to notice she was crying,
i believe she was trying to hide it from me.
and, it worked, until she sniffled and let out a small sigh,
my heart skipped a beat and i was like

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march 17.

so uhm...
i havnt posted a blog in a long time,
its prolly cuz my mom didnt pay the bill and our internet got shut off!
yup, thats it.
so uhm....
i have made a descision over the past day or so and...
i only like one girl.
and im going to fight for her.
im not going to tell you her name but... i believe she knows who she is.
i cannot wait to see her.
it'll be amazing.

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