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Oh hey! haven't seen you in what, 3 months?

Yeah I haven't been on in forever, and I think I'm probably not gonna return, but just so you guys know, I now have a boyfriend :D

He's awesome, and the fact that I only get to see him every once in a while just adds to the excitement!

Oh, I also decided to write "love" for the To Write Love On Her Arms day b/c of all the personal experiences with that, and some of it didn't come off finally till today lol.

So, this is probably me saying goodbye and good luck to all. Peace lovies.

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Secret names!!! and cheese theives, and the spies!

I've decided to not get any more "new" nicknames. I already have like 4 thanks to the "Anti-cheese-thieves" group. one thing they thought would be really funny is to call me and 5 other friends sykes "because there's 5 letters in it". that's basically how i got this nickname :-\

so about their naming 'fetish'... i should really make a chart of some sort :D

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Yeah so the Where the Wild Things Are movie comes out today! HELLA YES!!!

I found out that my friend G who prefers to be called Kila (huge deathnote fan) decided to start the rumor. She just wanted to see how I'd react. She also found out the 2 girls I was talking about the homecoming thing: Attracta and Penelope. I love the name penelope, it looks so cool XD
Oh yeah, it was my friend Casey who helped me solve the turmoil :D

If you look back to the previous journal i mentioned, you'll see I listed the initials of the girls, so casey helped me clear that up.

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SNOW IN OCTOBER! and other stuffs.

So today it snowed...

In October...

In New York...

What the fuck?

>Whatever. Well let me start off with the fact that someone tried to start a rumour about me. I have no idea what that's trying to accomplish?... Maybe they knew I'd have a super bad headache yesterday and today and wanted to get me even more pissed off?
>I got a new phone, being that my old one's screen broke... well it's my :)
>I got the chocolate banana pop tart things, they're pretty good heated up :D

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Yep, long time no see

Yeah so I haven't been on in quite a while.

Lemmie start with recent stuff and work back, cuz it's easier to remember that way XD

Part of the reason I haven't visited, I think, is b/c I've been off one of my meds for about a week, but I got it yesterday so's I'm set :D. Yeah, my doc wrote the wrong prescription >:o... He's been getting very bad with things like that, even tho it was only like 2 letters (XR... or is it ER?) to denote it's extended release.

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I had a panic attack last thursday. It sucked really bad. At least I was able to get to the nurse right away and start to control it. The major problem was that it wasn't provoked by anything that I can think of >:o

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I'm so friggin busy, yet I procastinate soooo much :-\

UPDATE: you get to learn Cales and Te's real names!!! look to my journal on 10/16!!! (the names are totally different b/c we have a huge secret code thing they started waaaayyy back in 5th grade, I'm Wesley... i think XD.. )

I have a project to finish, but I kinda don't wanna :-\

I decided to try recording using my super-dooper audio recorder today. Worked pretty well.

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I need a new icon, being that I no longer have one...

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NCIS, recording stuffs, and GUITARS!!!

So watching NCIS today I found out that the female director DIES in the most recent season!!! I was like, "WTF did they do that for?!?" Especially now that the black guy is in charge b/c he took all of Gibbs' team away, so it's like, "WTF are you gonna do to make it NOT suck?" They're already ruining the series by making an NCIS: Los Angeles...

In other news... we had to re-record the guitar for electronic music... now THAT was stressful. But, whatever, at least it's done now, for the most part.

Of these, what's your favorite? (Yes, it's a random assortment, deal w/ it.)

Weezer - (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
40% (4 votes)
Nightmare Before Christmas: marching band edition
20% (2 votes)
Metallica - All Nightmare Long
0% (0 votes)
Metric - Help I'm Alive
20% (2 votes)
Thursday - Ever Fallen In Love
0% (0 votes)
Rise Against - Savior
10% (1 vote)
Rancid - Time Bomb
0% (0 votes)
Apocalyptica - I Don't Care
10% (1 vote)
Total votes: 10
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WooHoo MUSIC!!!

If I haven't already said it here (don't think I have :-\...) I'm in electronic music class at my school. That basically means I basically get to compose and record my own music! XD
Well, since I wrote most of the lyrics for our 1st song, it seems I'm also the engineer for it too (guy who does all the computer stuffs). We finally finished recording the guitar part, and we're ready for bass and vocals soon, like Mon.-Wed.!

OH!!!! I remember the make of my dad's guitar! It's a Novation an Ovation. Is that good?

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Holy Shit Psych Rocks!!! (yes I know my sn sounds the same)

I don't care what anyone says, Psych fuckin rocks!

I thought after watching the 1st 2 episodes that this season would be meh, but it's awesome! I'm watching last week's episode right now. It combines witty misplaced comedy and murder cases XD

Anyone seen it? Let me know what you think :D

*Oh, and I still can't get mysterie boy out of my head... yes i'll call him mysterie boy untill i know/remember his name ;D

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GAH! and other onomatopoeias...

My mom's in one of those bitchy moods again. It sucks. She gets like this every now and then, and it's really annoying b/c she basically blames everything on me and my sis, and makes me fix/move/clean it up >:o

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Bye all :(

Yeah, so I'm leaving Oasis b/c some people are backstabbing assholes...

Someone's telling everybody about my account, so I'm gonna delete it soon, already deleted all the entries. I hate drama, and almost everyone around here is full of it.

So this is goodbye, if any of you wanna stay in contact with me, just PM me before the account's gone, and I'll give ya a contact :)


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Question for the artists and computer peoplez at oasis...

Ok I have a really quick question...

I wanna get a Wacom drawing tablet, and I was wondering if anybody knows of a cheap source to get it from. The cheapest one sells at best buy for like $100.

Any Suggestions?

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Guys: Cuties, who's your 5?

So I was thinking about this, and I wondered who the guys here at Oasis think are cute. I say cute, and not sexy, b/c if someone was to say to someone else "look at that sexy thang!" it just makes the person sound like a slut. I digress... So anyway, who's your top 5? It doesn't have to be inorder either, or be just top 5, but really who you like and all, blehblehbleh.

Oh yeah, if they are famous, list the role they played, b/c I know there are people like me who are horrible with names :D

Guys only, someone else can start a girls one.

I'll start:
James Roday (Shawn Spencer-Psych)

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