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i just remebered

back when i was still crushing on the other girl and blue and i were
aquaintences(sp?), the three of us were talking about the taste
of blood for some reason...i really cant remember how the topic
came up...and i said that hand blood tastes sweeter than nose blood,
i would know because i get bloody noses all the time and some of the
blood get in my mouth :p lol
some anyways, blue agrees and the girl i had a crush on at the time
was looking at us like we were the weirdest people in the world
that's when i knew blue and i would be great friends :D lol

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Fight Poem

He didn't know what was comming.
All he saw was my fist.
I heard the crack his nose made,
I swear I felt the bone break into 3 pieces.
Santa, put me on the naughty list,
understand it was provoked,
I didn't mean to hit so hard,
never guessed his nose broke.

Sick of it all,
too many fights,
just wish they wouldn't call me a retard all the time.

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Blood comes flowing
Through the blade
It cant be coming
From me

Breath comes quickly
From my chest
All the more

Why do I feel this way
A mixture of releif and dismay
Another Scar Another day
Make it go away

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