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calling anyone with an opinion...

hey y'all, i need a few names for my story, since i just read a book kinda along the same lines of the one i'm writing, meaning it was a romance and out of the 12 names in my book 8 appeared in the other as well, and don't wanna be accused of ripping off the book i just read...

i need the names that match the following discriptions:

* vampire from the late 18th cen. (b.1774, turned 1790) would prefer a french name or a name with the lang of origin accompanying.

*name for supporting cast, male. pref. popular (c.1970's-2000's) any origin (please specify what origin)

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Book Recommendations?

Hey everyone. I was just wondering what good books you might know of that have like gay couples. I have read Kissing Kate, Rage, Keeping You a Secret, and others but I can't remember the names of them. I'd really appreciate some book titles so I can read them. They inspire me to come out and be my crazy self :) thanks a bunch <3

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the *revised* story

Jac's C.O.S.T.(Coming Out Story Told)
By:Jaquline Alyce Delacroix

Chapter One

It was one-hundred-eighty minutes before the Witching Hour, on the 30th day of the 10th month of the 16th year of the third millennium. Our character, a troubled young man, yours truly, is troubled by all that is going on in his life by the every day ordinary life wrinkles and by more than the strictly mundane. I'm lying awake with the worst seven-word soliloquy ever known to mankind running through my mind,

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book not-quite-reviews: Parrotfish and Luna

So you know when you first start coming out and you try to read allll the queer teen books ever? And then you realize how bad most queer young adult lit is? Yeah. So I've been experiencing a bit of a renaissance for no particular reason I can pin down. Possibly extreme boredom.

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LGBT Book List

I've been on a bit of LGBTQ book rant thing. These are the good ones I've found with the help of my friend Matthew:

"How They Met And Other Stories" - David Levithan

"Realm of Possibilities" - David Levithan

"Boy Meets Boy" - David Levithan

"Kissing Kate" - Lauren Myracal

"Keeping You A Secret" - Julia Anne Peters

"Far From Xandu" - Julia Anne Peters

"Grl2Grl" - Julia Anne Peters

"A Vigil For Joe Rose: Stories of Being Out in Highschool" - Michael Whatling

"Dare Truth or Promise" - Paula Boock

"The Rainbow Road Series" - Alex Sanchez

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Check this out for a list of books that may maintain your interest within the LGBT community....

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read plz?

jac's COST (coming out story told)

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Here I am sitting here trying to not write my Global essay that is due tomorrow, because I really don't care about the French Revolution, or Apartheid right now. So I'm writing a journal entry.

This weekend was okay, I mean I had an extra day off, so it couldn't be too bad.
The worst part was the huge argument I got into with my grandmother about gay rights, and gay marriage. It was bad, and makes me feel so much better about telling my family, but I got over it quickly. Just told myself to brush it off, I guess.

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Heyy everyone just a Heads Up and FYI
if you want the best queer related books in toronto but arent in the mood to go buying everybook that looks good, the Toronto public library is the place:P
well not all of then are all that organised but the North York Central Library has A queer section totally worth checking out. its st the North Yorke centre Station(subway wise) right neer Mel Lestmen square (sp?)

anyway so thats where i find my best books so thought id share.

Oh So yeah another thing what are your Favorite Queer slanted Books So far?!!

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being love it and 10 being hate it, how do you feel about spoilers?(movies, books, etc.)

13% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
6% (1 vote)
6% (1 vote)
13% (2 votes)
13% (2 votes)
13% (2 votes)
13% (2 votes)
25% (4 votes)
Total votes: 16
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Numen's Trust Cover

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share the cover of Numen's Trust, Book Three of The Chronicles of Firma, with you:

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Ink on a Road

I don't know about anyone else but I love writing longhand. In my room I have stacks of notebooks, napkins, loose paper, etc. full of snippets, observations, paragraphs, titles, plot-planning, everything.
And I love writing by hand because its a much wider window into emotion and then I transfer over.

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would you all be interested in reading my coming out journal should I publish it one day...why do i want to publish you may ask? how many queer disabled ppl do you know...?

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Bisexual Heroes in Fantasy Novels - My Amazon Discussion

I started a discussion on the Fantasy Forum about bisexual heroes in Fantasy novels. It has gotten pretty interesting, so I thought I'd pass the link on to you guys.

Feel free to participate if you want, either on Amazon or here.

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Orphan's Quest Trailer Video

Hey guys!

Check out the trailer I did for Orphan's Quest!

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Sunburn And Sartre

This weekend was the first practice of the school ultimate frisbee team/club. It was completely awesome. I forgot how much I like ultimate frisbee. It's one of the few sports I'm halfway decent at, and the people on the team are ridiculously wonderful, sweet, fun people. The only downside was that my shoulders, face and neck are sunburnt. Which hurts. But oh well.

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Rocky Horror (again), Books, Life, Spring Awakening

The opening of Rocky went very well actually. Amazing compared to what it was the day before (absolute crap). It was great. I'm excited to open with the other cast on Saturday.

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I am really annoyed right now. The past few days I've been looking forward to going to a bookstore and hopefully getting "Keeping you a secret" and "Empress Of The World" I even asked Jake to go with me later in the week. So tonight I came on the internet went to the mall's home page to make sure the bookstore is still there...and to my surprise its not.

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Books for Girlies :o)

I would like to recommend 2 awesome non-fiction books I have read that pertain to girl-lovin' girls.

Same Sex in the City: So Your Prince Charming Is Really A Cinderella
By Lauren Levin and Lauren Blitzer

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A decent amount of LGBT books

In my quest for reading anything and everything lgbt, I've found that one of the chief difficulties is finding a comprehensive list of titles. I wouldn't call this a comprehensive list, but I would venture to say that it contains almost all of the books that are found in a typical public library system. I've rated them according to how I enjoyed them and also how accurate the information is.

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