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Survey... Because I can.

Have you ever seen the last person you kissed naked?
No... Thankfully

The last person you kissed romantically; was it a drunken or sober kiss?
Sober... Unfortunately.

Do you prefer the ocean or pool?
Either is fine.

recent inside jokes?
Yup. Flame-i-yo...

What is in your backpack right now?
Nothing. I just cleaned it out.

Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
My dad...

Where were the last three places you went
My friend's house, My friend's grandparents house, my grandparents house

What is the longest you've lived in one place?

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I only have a week before school so i really should be reading "pride and prejudice" right now. I have to read it over the summer for my English class and I've read 10 chapters out of 61. i can finish it by the 18th if i really really crack down and just do it, but obviously i haven't done that yet.

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don't read this.. it'll bore the crap out of you

Hmm, what's going on in my life? Besides being on the brink of suicide twice in one week, nothing really.. I keep thinking something is wrong with me.. I think I may have Asperger's Syndrome.. other than that, I really have nothing to write about.. Nothing at all..

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Isomnia, yay!

Okay, I wrote something earlier today, well, yesterday, but I felt the need to write again, so here I am.. It's, like, 2:40 in the morning now and I'm not supposed to be on the computer now, but who cares?

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Introduction, sort of

Let's see.. just in case someone is actually reading this, I'll take the time to introduce myself.. Well firstly, my name is Alicia. Funny thing about my name: one's pronounced like "Aleesha" and the other is pronounced like "Aleesia." My name's pronounced like the second one. What else?

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A Month and a Year and a Year= Teendom Gone Bye!

So I am sitting here and have been basically trying to work on things (an assortment of fun March Break assignments to do, and a Monday and Tuesday test to consider studying for) but have that whole non-motivation piece revolving in my teenage mind.

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Do they seriously need to drill his stuff into my head even more? I mean... This is the second time I've learned about exponential equations. Oh and the linear equations - it's the third time.

Then Jesus Christ! Freshmen Social Studies was a JOKE! The AID's epidemic? I learned NOTHING! Those map quizes? I aced all of them. Hell I got a 100 on the exam!

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I was just re-reading some of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, starting with the Golden Compass. I just typed Golden with an 'a' twice before I realized what was wrong with it, ahhhh!

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There exists a melody that just might change your mind...

i've had that stupid hellogoodbye song stuck in my head all day. i was actually humming it in third period! grrr.....

good song, but gets annoying after a while.

she's so cute, but she'll never be mine. oh well, at least we can be friends.

i dunno how i feel about christmas. i'm just waiting for christmas break.

i really want cherry poptarts, but it's midnight, my dad's asleep, food lion's closed and i can't drive to wal-mart. dang.

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