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Matthew in the Sky

*I've been reading Judy Shepard's book "The Meaning of Matthew" about her son who was murdered in 1998. I wanted to write a poem about who Matthew was as a person, not just the headline story. The title was taken from Lady Gaga's cover of "Imagine" by John Lennon.*

The state melted into a pool
of cerulean in your eyes,
Wyoming tinted your hair
a cowboy prairie blond and
stained your boyish lips
with a wanderlust grin.
Matthew, you've grown
older by now but some
things never change like how
the Curious Unknown
still sparkles in your dreams,
the sticker lights of Laramie.

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august rush eyes

Some people like to set sail
for topaz shores and linger
on palm-laden boulevards,
but this boy prefers the intimidating
skyscrapers of a foil wrap silver metropolis.
He thirsts for prism raindrops,
longing to hear the blaring
noise of Navajo taxis speeding past.
Indeed, late into a shiny billboard dream,
he swears he can taste sugary crumbs
from Breakfast at Tiffany's on his tongue.
It might sound silly but the kid is actually
a lost ghost from black and white films.

He wakes up in an unremarkable place
where most folks his age
don't understand why he

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tight jeans and theatrical boys

I pull up in his dad's driveway and
the boy sitting on the stoop looks
like Saint Exupery's treasured little prince
with subtle stars smeared on his face and neck.
When he climbs inside my used Sentra,
I tell him about this quirky realization.
"You're both so cute and opinionated."
He grins and replies that it's his favorite book
to read when life is particularly rough.

Cappuccino sips and playful shoves
convert the evening into something
brilliantly unstable and devastatingly 'teenager'.
I want to kiss him violently so we can stop this
annoying game of cat and mouse.

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Drugs and Alcohol

I've fallen completely head over heals for this man whom I've been involved with yet not actually been dating or seeing. hes a bit of a free spirit that believes it is selfish to limit your body to one person. he has a drug problem and a problem with alcohol. hes wasted every other night while popping oxies. hes gotten help for his drug addiction but i still fear for his health and well being.

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a boy, the boy, some boy

there's this older guy who i like
he's 22
maybe a bit more than just 'like'

like i actually want him more than the rest
i care a bit about him
i picture myself with him. and not in bed

we insult each other. sometimes he tried to be a sarcastic prick. maybe because i'm one. good. at least he's not some pathetic puppy-like why-don't-you-love-me guy. he's smart and assertive. he's different than the rest.

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The Out Cast Boy

I told my friend Haley and she then told everyone in school, im so embarrassed even my teachers know, they dont let me sit next to guys anymore its so embarrassing....

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Im a Bisexual boy whos trying to tell my parents what i am i need help!!!

I'm trying to tell my parents that i'm bi but i don't want to put that burden on them they are busy right now trying to help my cousins get through their ordeal , my uncle cheated on my aunt so now were fighting them for custody so i cant tell them now what do i do?
I'm tired of keeping it a secret..

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the golden herr

the gods cast forth an odd young man, with heart and soul of gold/ to know him is paradise, his love?

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this is kind of a forum but not

Okay I am going to be getting a new oasis name soon. I don't like the name wantstobeout. I'll tell you when I do in case you'd like to know. I'll post a journal or something. It will probably have something to with... (sorry not gonna tell yet. I'm a tease.) Okay so also I'm thinking of names that start with E.

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This little kid is convinced I'm a dude. UP YOURS GENDER!

Okay, so I'm here in mexico staying with some family friends, and their relatives (oh, yeah, and my family), and there is this little kid here who is absolutely convinced that I am a boy. I am, by the way for anyone who cares, (believe it or not) biologically female.

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Okay. I pretty much fucked up the whole site and post thingies. I am SO sorry. (an amateur mistake I must admit) I felt really bad, and I am here to make it better.
Okay, my solution since I have no possible way of making these things smaller, I will just give you the link thingy and then you can read them on my photobucket account. I think this will be a better and happier solution for all.

Boys Briefs 3: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

I'm always of mixed opinions about short films, for much the same reasons I don't read a lot of short stories. They always seem to fall into three categories: art pieces that barely say anything, pieces that hold promise for a lot more that end too fast, and intricate pieces that would never be able to sustain their "house of cards" structure in a longer form. So, I guess it's safe to say I'm biased going in: to me everything is viewed in relation to its ability to be addressed in a longer form.

"Boys Briefs 3: Between the Boys: 8 Gay Short Films About Hooking Up" is very clear from the get-go about its intentions when its cute Asian host, Erwin Saracho G., starts the proceedings off by taking a shower with the roving camera panning up and down his body, then he towels off, sits down on the edge of the bathtub, and introduces the first film. All of his interstitial content is done in little tight bikinis, or shirtless, and as much as I'm fine with cute naked boys, I guess I felt a bit slighted that it was felt that I needed this stuff to keep me interested. As you'll read, though, sometimes I did.

Innocent: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Innocent" is a movie about a 17-year-old character named Eric who is surprised to learn early in the film that his family's vacation in Canada from their homeland of Hong Kong is permanent. They intend to stay.

Eric is dealing with his homosexuality, but is not the shy waif innocent we're used to seeing in movies, despite the film's title. He stars as his cousin's ass in the shower, sleeps with a middle-aged man who sees him buying a gay porn magazine, goes right in for the kiss with his schoolmate, and seems like there might be a spark with a worker hired at the family's restaurant. He may be awkwardly dealing with his sexuality, but he seems pretty clear about it.

The movie, by Simon Chung, seems to lack a central narrative that pulls you through the experience as a viewer. Eric has these dealing with his sexuality. His mother is trying to start a restaurant with the help of someone who seems romantically interested in her. The father is getting some extramarital action on his neighborhood jogs, and ends up returning to Hong Kong in the middle of the movie.

Jackass Number Two Unrated: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Jackass Number Two: Unrated" features another onslaught of clips that dance between the dangerous/stupid and the homoerotic. It is pure devil-may-care bedlam for much of the movie. I'll leave it for other sites to walk you through the dangerous/stupid, we'll focus on the homoerotic.

Let's just say that for a bunch of supposedly straight guys, they certainly enjoy one another's nudity. At one point, they have the old "test of strength" carnival attraction, where someone has to bring down the sledgehammer to send the weight up to ring the bell. In the Jackass world, the bell is removed and Bam Margera sits on top of it, so if the person hits it hard enough, the weight will slam into his balls. But before they even try it, Bam questions why they don't attach a dildo to the weight, he'll pull his pants down, turn around the other way so that if it gets that high, it can penetrate him. So, that's what they do.

Totally Joe: Book Review

By Jeff Walsh

With "Totally Joe," James Howe plays with structure and the absence of conflict in a gay teen story. The book is written as a year-long class assignment called an alphabiography, where students have to write 26 entries about their life, starting with the letter A, each with a life lesson that related to what they wrote about. So, by the time we finish the book, we know 13-year-old Joe Bunch from A to Z.

Reading this book, I kept thinking of the Justin character from Ugly Betty. You do watch Ugly Betty, don't you? It is so much fun. Anyway, on Ugly Betty, Justin is Betty's nephew who is just accepted by the family, even though, it seems pretty clear he is completely gay. He is played perfectly by Mark Indelicato.

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