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Summertime Returns

So long time again since I've written... short-story = long-distance love got to be joy and terror, in terms of barely seeing friends, having too much Skype, and eventually flying off for a couple weeks to be with my guy. It didn't turn out that well though, which sucks, to say the least, and a lot of it has/had to do with his immaturity. Pretty sure if I plan an inter-continental voyage with my boy over six months, he oughta be able to clean up his apartment beforehand... among other gems.

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What still hurts...

It hurts that I still care. That I doubt that she will even think about the date today. That she won't care. What I hate the most is that I still care. I sat with Heather today and talked about it...Because I am not yet over her or what we had. Because if I could rewind time and fix the broken things back in the beggining, two years ago today, I would. I would undo all the hurt from both sides.

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Over it...

Because I know she reads this, I have things to say. In case she was wondering. I won't let her keep me from posting and being active on here.

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