breaking up

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"my fault"

so today wasn't too bad.

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Longingly Lovelyboy Story Short

Don't look at the tags or you'll spoil the entry. Honestly.

I realize I sort of implied in my last entry from ages ago that I'd continue with my theatre date with Lovelyboy, and I did try a bit here and there, but I might as well make a long story shorter and skip that continuation (as much fun as it was).

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Conclusion to the cheating

We broke up!

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my girlfriend.. cheating, drugs..

I love her, God, I do. She's everything for me and without her in my life, I don't know what I would do. But, she's admitted to cheating. Many times. And she does drugs- the list seems to keep growing. Back in March when we first started talking she, by maybe...October?, explained that from March through maybe the summer, she looked at our relationship as... I guess a fling.

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