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I'm so friggin busy, yet I procastinate soooo much :-\

UPDATE: you get to learn Cales and Te's real names!!! look to my journal on 10/16!!! (the names are totally different b/c we have a huge secret code thing they started waaaayyy back in 5th grade, I'm Wesley... i think XD.. )

I have a project to finish, but I kinda don't wanna :-\

I decided to try recording using my super-dooper audio recorder today. Worked pretty well.

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just an fyi (and impromptu rant)

now that school's started i don't know how much i'll be on here. especially since i'll be joining the GSA this year. and i haven't been feeling very angsty recently. (that's good right?) but i promise i'll keep y'all updated on anything major, and i'll check in at least once a week. just, i might not answer PMs in the best time.
...i think that's about it.

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Don't you just love...

...how busy the site is now the Gay Like Me project is underway?

I think its great! like once the new format of the site came in everything seemed to slow down in a sense, but now the site is a beehive of activity!

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