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keeping up

so anyway today i was just soaking in the tub listening to Zendik Tribe Band and i was like "Whoa, this band kicks ass!". i wonder why they never made it, 90's Psychedelic Space Metal is way cool. then i practiced "Volte" on my classical guitar for 2 hours, it's so nice to have lots of free time... although it would be nice to get together with my friends, but they live far away. well in other news i got a Casio Casiotone MT-240, for $8.00, and i've been playing with the Jazz Organ function. gosh i'm just feeling really good and it's just awesome that we're getting some rain here in TX.

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new things

i've been doing some thinking and reflecting for a bit and everything seems as though it's going back to the way things were. music has been helpful such as Villanesca, Danza Espanola no.4 from 12 Danzas for Piano written by Enrique Granados. with that said i think it sounds great on the long out of print "Spotlight On Guitar" 1984, performed by Manuel Barrueco on guitar and an unnamed pianist. well anyway i shouldn't get into music right now. i also apologize to anyone whose help i cowardly pushed away, or ran away from, in that fairly small but confusing episode of depression.

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