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Sorry about this. Just read if you want to.

I have a boring life. I'm lonely. I came out to my (only) friend on Sunday. I didn't want to actually directly let her know, so I played a game. I gave her a few hints and let her guess. She got it right on the first try. I told her that she could tell her boyfriend. By the way, she isn't heterosexual. I found out that she's pansexual. Night is when I think the most and day is when I'm tired and don't really have any thoughts. Last night, I was incredibly happy and proud about being gay and not being the only one who knows it.

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Hi, i haven't posted here in forever. mostly because i forgot my username. i came out to my mom and my brother about a month ago. she took it way better than i thought she would. actually she's bi. i still haven't told my dad and his wife but they sort of already know and it doesn't seem to be an issue. i still go to my ultra conservative school and plan to stick it out one more year.

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