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"shake it shake it" lol

so funnie lol. after work i hung out wit my dad and my cousin, we went to Longs to get my dad cough drops and we happened to stop in the card section where they found the music cards (you know the ones where you open them and they play songs?

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Are you gay?

I'm just going to merge my previous Journal entry from today with this one since I wrote it recently anyways. If I don't do this I'll feel like I'm spamming... XD

----Old entry-----

So, I went to Soras (Sora = girlfriend) place today. It was... Weird...

So, we're talking, somehow we got on the subject of "gay" and Soras older sister, (we'll call her Axel..) is like "Are you gay?" Totally serious out of nowhere, towards Sora. And this is the second time she's asked her this since I came out. And Sora was like "No." and then Axel says "Oh, because you're always going to Riku's place."

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