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What's your major?

I'm gonna apply for univeristy/college next year, and I'm kinda hovering around between engineering and commerce. My parents say engineering is for guys, of course it's a very sexist comment, but it also contains SOME truth to it. It is a LOT of hard work for a girl. So i dont know, guess i'll figure out later.

Meanwhile, you should post your major! Or if you are still in highschool like me, what do you plan to major in?

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second journal entry in the span of an hour, but i couldn't wait

okay, if i can pull it off, i think what i'd like to do as a career, is join the air force, be a medical officer in there, maybe for a while, maybe forever.

if i do leave, once i'm done, i'm gonna go around the world doing the doctors without borders thing and help people.

whaddya think? huh? huh?

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