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just a question

so how can i tell if my lover is cheating? cuz i know he has feelings for other guys, and i just wanna make sure

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i don't know anymore.

Okay, so, there's this girl, and her name's ashley. i've known her for a while, and we met through myspace. i don't remember when it was that we met, but it's been a while, maybe a year? idk, at least six months. anyway, after a while, of course i got feelings for her the way i tend to do.

well. she has a girlfriend. NO. a fiance. they've been together for FOUR YEARS. yeah, srsly. her name's nicole.

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FAiL? near-cheating and epiphanies and such.

alright i'm not gonna bother with typing correctly right now cause i don't give a shitt
just wanna get everything out.

here goes nothin.
[that's a nevershoutnever! songg(:!!!]
fuck adhd.


i'd never cheat on my girlfriend.

i think about it all the time.
i mean alot.
anddd i talked to this girl about it yesterday
we had a hellla risque conversation
and we planned to chill...and stufff.

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Temptation and Doing the Right Thing

Yes, I'm talking about cheating.

I told myself I would never cheat. Now I understand it's not so easy.

So the story:

I'm starting to have stronger feelings for my boyfriend (Halfcast Boy). But relationships work in such a peculiar way, two people like each other, but there's a delicate balance otherwise there will be a power imbalance. The ideal goal is to love each other more and more, but not really love the other person more than they love you or that will make you vulnerable. I don't want to be vulnerable.

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Of Cooties, Jealousy, and Cookies.

I'm dating this girl named Jackie. I like her, and my feelings are growing. We were dating off and on for two weeks and had a 1 1/2 week break and then we started dating again.

I get so jealous because she talks about other girls AND guys all the time, and doesn't show me much affection. And when we're in public she pays more attention to everyone that's not me. I hate it.

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The last one was totally pointless...

You know it's really not that bad that she lied to me because I cheated on her and then told her about it! Is it better to cheat and not tell or cheat and come clean?

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What with not getting to write on here as much as I used to, I find it begrudgingly amusing the story my journal is weaving. My last entry reports on my love life, getting a boyfriend for the first time, and this one is about how he's cheated on me just a few weeks later! Admittedly, the hilarity is short lived, but still, I've always been one to laugh in the face of misfortune.

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my girlfriend.. cheating, drugs..

I love her, God, I do. She's everything for me and without her in my life, I don't know what I would do. But, she's admitted to cheating. Many times. And she does drugs- the list seems to keep growing. Back in March when we first started talking she, by maybe...October?, explained that from March through maybe the summer, she looked at our relationship as... I guess a fling.

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