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Chicago Drive

How many people like the movie "Chicago?" I can't seem to get enough! Not to mention, the soundtrack is simply amazing!

I don't have much to mention except that since I am on the topic of pop culture...well kind of; I really like Melissa Ferrick and her song "Drive." ;) Surely a lesbian or two knows that song, right?



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I'm feeling very unbalanced and unbalanced. I'm craving a lot of attention as of late. And it would be fine because I'm getting a lot of attention because suddenly it seems like a whole lot of people have come out of the wood works and either like me or really like giving me attention. I get attention from a lot of guys and sometimes it's nice and sometimes it's just.. makes me feel like I need a shower afterwards. But it's not the attention I need . I know that I'm a teenager and I know that I'm 17, but I want the attention of my parents and my family.

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The Best Laid Plans

Well, I have officially scrapped my plans to move to Seattle. After much thought and discussions with my folks and others, I decided to move to Chicago instead. It's closer to my family in Maine and my best friends in Michigan. Plus I have kind of a second family in Chicago that would be able to help me out if I ever had any kind of emergency.

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