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Christmas Break!

Hey everyone. It's 12/13/12. I am now 15 as of November 30th. I'm going to start there :)

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Welllll,last week was really good for me hehe(except I couldn't bring my cleanser but it wasn't that bad w/o it hehe,but next time,I can bring the travel size empty bottle w/some inside):D.

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Trees, movies, and South Of Nowhere.

So, we set up our Christmas tree today. Yay!. Lol. Apparently, we are using this tiny 3 feet high fake tree this year. Yeah, my parents bought it on sale and it seems smarter than spending who-knows-how-much on a big real tree. Then we'd have to buy a stand and everything.

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My Christmas

Dec. 25, 06
I feel like I have accomplished nothing! I've been off from work 2 days and there is nothing to do! I've cleaned. I've got on the net, I've slept, I've done everything I can possibly do and it is boring! I can't wait til LIFE starts again. To think.. This IS life for a low of people- stay home and do shit- how boring!

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Christmas update

Been ages since I last posted. Ish. Anyway, Christmas has been fairly fun. Didn't go out Christmas Eve due to lack of funds, but there we go. I doubt I'll go out New Years Eve either for the same reason, I don't get paid until Jan 5th.

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My xmas 2006

Holidays this year has come and gone and i never looked back on them. I'm not the kind of person to look for things to stir my emotions because either way, I know they'll be stirred. My Mom keeps asking if I'm happy this christmas and i let her know aslong as i have her ill be satisfied cause in the end its family being together that matters.

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This Has NOT Been the Best Christmas Ever

My Christmas experience this year was kind of disappointing. The stuff I got so - most of the clothes didn't fit and have to be returned, and my mom had hinted that she got me something really neat for Christmas. I'm not certain if she was refering to the goose down mattress cover or the cookbook. Both were fine presents, but neither had a real "Oh wow" quality to it. But that's okay.

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What'd Ya'll Get?

Happy Holidays EVERYONE!

I'm just wondering, what'd ya'll get for Christmas, Hannukah, or whatever you celebrate. I got...

-Dell Laptop (For College next year)
-Printer (Also for college)
-Ipod shuffle (It's a little midget thing! :P)
-IDog (so cute)
-a pink fuzzy freakish thing that's a speaker for my Ipod
-SOCKS!!! (Frickin' yes!)

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Merry Axe-ing Christmas!!

Happy Holidays everyone! :-)

Well, let's did my Christmas go, so far? It truly went awesome, to tell you the truth....I got a bunch of small stuff, like books, jewlry, socks, perfume, etc. But the major thing that I got that I was really happy about was that I got an.....

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Anyone else get socks??

Hmm Chtistmas has sucked I must say. I'm not sure if its my own fault that it sucked so much...but to be honest I couldn't even pretend that I was happy. The whole build up to it was great. Christmas eve was fun, even this morning when I got up I was all happy and excited, I think its when we opened our pressies things went downhill.

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Merry Christmas!

So yeah, it's christmas, it's cold and rainy, but it's christmas!

so...peace, goodwill towards men, all that.

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas

Happy Hannukah

Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Kwanzaa...



Merry Christmas!

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Ambitions...or lack thereof

So tomorrow is Christmas. I don't know about anyone else, but this holiday season has seemed so slack. I mean, even my mom is lazy about decorating. We hardly did anything. My friends all think the same thing. It just doesn't feel like the holiday season this year.

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Ms. S.&Email=Excitement! New Friend+Dancing=Fun! Christmas+3 Days=Awesome!

Okay, so Ms. S. wasn't supervising my dance after all. DDDDX *Cusses* On the other hand, I sent her an email wishing her a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :-) I hope (above all) that she reads it, then, if I'm lucky, she'll reply. XD But, I don't think I'm THAT lucky. Heh.

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