Christopher Rice

Christopher Rice offers more density with "The Snow Garden"

By Jeff Walsh

Christopher Rice has been through a lot since I last interviewed him for Oasis. When we talked to him last in November 2000, he had just recently published his first book, A Density of Souls, an ambitious book that seemed to go the opposite direction of most first-time novelists. The book had an epic sense to it, complex characters, and a mysterious mood that helped it end up on the New York Times' Bestseller List.

Mommie Dearest

Christopher Rice makes a name for himself with amazing first novel

By Jeff Walsh

With A Density of Souls, Christopher Rice has sculpted an ambitious first novel that's deftly crafted with rich characters, an intriguing plot, and beautiful, articulate language. Unfortunately, most of the attention given to Rice in the media is due not to his creation, but to his creator: best-selling author Anne Rice.

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