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Oy Vey, I'm Jewish and Gay

Well, Where do I start? I'm 15, Gay, a Jew in a house of Baptists, a Liberal living in the Conservative world, and I'm the only one of the 4 gay kids I know who seem to struggle. They're so free and boundless, running around with their boyfriends and girlfriends without a care in the world, while I stay alone, desperate for someone to notice me, and bear the burdens of being a complete outsider from the southern society which surrounds me. I think I'm a decent human being, I don't hurt people, I like to laugh, I'm nice, but is that enough?

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Stop the Hate

I have started a petition to garner support for a protest at Westboro Babtist Church. I have started organizing the protest for April 2008. They are the ones who hold up signs saying "God Hates Fages". I would appreciate it if you could pass this info on to your group members. Thanks So Much!

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Why do the straight girls ask me for advice on guys??

I have straight girls for friends who know I'm gay. They know it, accept it and even enjoy the queer humor that comes with it. Yet they still turn to me for advice on guys. WTF? Is that just aprt of being a friend or do they actually believe the title of "The all knowing, all seeing, always right: Amy"?

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