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surveyclasses today

Made by the bored, for the bored.

Do you have on any jewelry?: used to
Do you have freckles?: yeah
Do you get poison ivy easily?: no
What is your favorite word?: dk
Are you eating anything?: not right now
Have you ever owned a pair of vans? [shoes]: no but want to

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Five Finger Death Punch- The Devil's Own
" "- White Knuckles
" "- Can't Heal You
" "- Salvation:D
" "- Ashes
" "- A Place to Die
" "- Death Before Dishonor
Above songs = aka just got their album hehe/put on iPod so I can rock out in Sculpture LAB hehe....
Saliva- Judgment Day/Survival of the Sickest
Rev. Theory- Far From Over
Hed PE- Renegade
Fuel- Won't Back Down
32 Leaves- Blood on My Hands
Disturbed- The Night
Mudvayne- Scarlet Letters
Jerry Cantrell- Anger Rising
The Answer- On and On
The Veer Union- Seasons
Trapt- Black Rose
" "- Ready When You Are*

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been a long while hehe

Random. For All You Silly Bananas. I PROMISE... good questions!

Are your friends virgins?: some yeah
Randomly play a song from ur iTunes. What's ur fave part of that song?: it's a rock song
Its Fri. night and ur grounded. Why?: who knows?
What state do you always forget exists?: KY

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Well. Today was my first day of classes. I had Physical Science, and then Convo [we have to go to 40 in the 4 years of college here], then College Writing. Then I went to lunch and hung out with my new friend Sarah for a while. Now I'm sitting in my dorm room alone [no roommate, people hate me I guess] litening to music. I have to leave in a little bit for Christian Faith.

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Long Time No See

Hello Peeplz.
First I have to say that I am very sorry for not posting on Forums for a very long time.
There, now that that's out, I'll continue on to business.

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cute girl in my bio class

there's a cute girl in my lecture, and she's gay too.
i kind of like her, and i'm really happy she's in my class
she made a funny joke, and i laughed, and she smiled at me
i hope she likes me too-- whoo, whoo, whoo.

(me singing and dancing around my room after today's lecture. thank god my roommate was out...)

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my crush is in my bio lecture, and she actually came over to say hi to me, and we walked around together afterwards and i managed to not sound like a complete moron (just a little bit of a moron, but not a complete one). and i made her laugh once. go me... :D

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Another Day In A Cutter's Mind

Okay, so today sucked. Double Science...Yeeuck. AND it's not with Ms. S, either. :-( Double whoo-hoo. Not.
I lost my blade school in a toilet...Damn. No cutting. That sucks...seeing how much I cut today...about maybe six or seven seperate times...I'm like addicted to it.... :-( There's these huge red cuts all over my stomach and around my...ehem, places...Uhm, yeah. Anyways.

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