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How can I get out of the closet?

I'm stuck in the closet because I'm still kind of questioning. I've been trying to get out of the questioning phase since I was fourteen. I am almost eighteen now.

I tried to come out as gay when I was fourteen, but no one believed me. That made me very confused so I started identifying as bi.

I came out as bi and people were more willing to believe that. I regret coming of as bi because I don't really think I'm bi anymore. I think a lot of my "attraction" to guys was just anxiety.

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Him, me, and jesus makes three...

So I'm in a very tough situation right now and any advice I can get will be much appreciated. A couple months ago a coworker of mine invited me to his church. He's going to college studying for ministry and has an internship with this particular church. For his sake I'll call him Ryan (He's closeted and there's complicated circumstance). I'd been into Ryan for awhile and agreed to come along. I didn't expect to enjoy the church but I did and I became a regular member. I also became closer to Ryan in the process because we were both part of the worship band.

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Last Two Weeks of High School: Coming out?

So... I was talking to may gay friend who graduated last year, and I was mad at him because he didn't come out in high school. I mean, jeez, he would have made me so much happier if we both knew about each other. And he could have been a role model for so many kids at school.

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