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looking gay

I've decided to look for my first boyfriend and starting tomorrow I'll start taking steps toward making it happen. First on the list is changing the way I look, or more specifically things about myself that may give off the wrong image. For example, I only have my left ear pierced which, I'm under the impression, means I'm straight. So tomorrow I think I'm going to get my right ear pierced.

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"the art & science of keeping house"

*this entry has been deleted*

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Canta per me

The title is the name of a song that I happen to like. It's italian. I think it means "Sing for me" but I'm not sure.

I sent the e-mail.. (The one I mentioned in my last journal.) No reply yet. I don't care if I get one or not. The intention was to let her know.

Anyways, we went clothes shopping yesterday. I bought some jeans...

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I feel like dancing

I'm listening to The Fray at my girlfriends house right now and that makes me feel like dancing. I'm wearing her shirt, because I like her clothes. And Her keyboard is nifty. It has LED lights under the letters. And I am highly amused by it. I like shiny blue things. And apparently, she likes having her hands on me...yep yep, not that I'm complaining.

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